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Hanasaku Iroha Home Sweet Home Premier Date Announced

Hanasaku Iroha will return, this time, to the theatrical scene with a new movie that is to release on March 9, 2013. The announcement was announced back in May 2012 (during my summer and MCAT courses, accounting for the lack of my posting), in the spa town Kanazawa, where special posters, clear files, and advanced sales of tickets were distributed for the announcement. The movie itself will first be screened in the Ishikawa prefecture, which inspired much the the locations in Yunosagi Onsen.

  • This is Minko, Ohana and Nako, not WakanaKonatsu and Sawa. Personally, my expectations for the movie are thus: if I am entertained by it, I’ll recommend it.

The title itself suggests a return of some sort, possibly to the Kissuiso, but speculation has also been directed at the possibility that the movie is set slightly before the anime concludes, in a similar manner as the K-On! Movie. Whether or not this holds will be left up to the movie, but admittedly, the prospect of another movie based off a series I enjoy is a positive one. That said, much of the series I follow have the tendency to get made into movies. With the release date around five months away, I’d expect the Blu-Ray Disks to be released roughly next October, given the current trends in anime movie release on disks.

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