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Tamayura Hitotose Season Two

Back in March 2012, it was announced that production on a second season for the anime Tamayura Hitotose was approved. The anime is expected to be released somewhere in 2013, and is a continuation of the 2011 television series and earlier OVAs, which follow a girl named Fuu Sawatari after she moves to Takehara, a waterside town that was her late father’s childhood home in Hiroshima Prefecture near the Seto Inland Sea.

  • Unverified sources have stated that this will be a 26 episode release, to be released during summer 2013. By then, who knows what I’ll be doing?

Tamayura is the latest iyashikei (癒し系) anime from director Junichi Sato, a class of anime with the intended effect of having soothing effect on the audience. Works of this type emphasizing nature and the little delights in life. Iyashikei varies in effectiveness depending on the scenario. One must be in the correct mood for the anime: at the wrong time, the anime will simply be tedious to watch. However, at the right time of day, these anime are sweeter and calmer than a lullaby. From a personal standpoint, it’s best to watch these about an hour or so before retiring for the evening.

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