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Corn Dogs and Fries

Corn dogs are hot dog sausages coated in a thick layer of cornmeal batter and deep fried in oil. Their origins are disputed, but it is most likely that they were first  in the US by the 1920s, and were popularized nationally in the 1940s. Corn dogs are often served as street food and at fairs, and in experience, some small town cafes offer them as a lunch item. I tried my hand at cooking corn dogs and fries yesterday afternoon to great effect, and the corn dogs themselves reminded me of a short but superlative trip I took back during the summer.

  • The distinct ‘fairground’ flavour of a corndog comes from the cornmeal batter. I prefer adding a bit of ketchup and mustard to mine to liven things up a little. The fact that the corndog is on a stick makes it a highly mobile food, allowing it to be carried and enjoyed with minimal mess.

  • Fried potatoes seem to go well with anything: burgers, fried fish or shrimp, wings, ribs, hot dogs, etc. I prefer oven fries, which are thicker cut and more tender than conventional fries.

  • Despite passing by the Vermillion lakes every time I’m in Banff, whether I’m headed into or out of the Banff area, this view never grows old.

  • This time around, I was behind the wheel on the Trans-Canada highway. I’ve driven here a handful of times now: the first was during the Canada Day Long Weekend, where traffic was insane. The next would be the trip to the Banff Park Lodge Chinook Brunch that I mentioned in my Master Grade 00 Seven Sword/G post and finally, the road trip that I’ll mention shortly after…

It was during summer 2012, where I was taking a short two-day road trip into the mountains. On the second day, we stopped briefly in Invermere, BC for lunch at the Bistro: while corn dogs and fries were on their menu, I opted to go with the jumbo dog, a freshly-made bratwurst on a bun served with a plate of fries. Once lunch concluded, the remainder of the day was spent exploring various sights in Kootenay National Park, including Sinclair Canyon and Marble Canyon. The skies in all of our pictures were a beautiful colour of azure, and I do not believe it was the camera adding colour. The weather following the MCAT was spectacular, and the trip was an excellent post-exam vacation that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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