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One Year Anniversary Post!

A year ago, on a Monday evening, I created the blog that was to be known as the Infinite Mirai out of a wish to discuss matters that were otherwise out of scope or not fitting with my original website. 161 posts and a year later, this blog has since survived past the one-month milestone and has since become a reasonably well-tread alternative to my website. Posts have varied from discussion about seemingly trivial aspects of my own life to anime discussions, game reviews, and the odd guide or two about technology. Over the past year, I averaged a modest 1584 unique views per month, ranging from Russia to Vietnam, and everywhere in between.

  • I believe my first Hello World post didn’t have any pictures. Let these images compensate for that, but also understand that I won’t be adjourning all of my posts with content of this class. This blog has survived the MCAT and was around to witness my upgrade to broadband internet, as well as the release of a handful of movies, Gundam models and everything in between, reflecting on just how much stuff happens over a year. It’s almost like a diary, except I’ve no qualms about people reading it.

  • Before anyone starts asking questions, let’s just say I know what the viewers like. That includes providing pictorial instructions on how to idle in TF2, listings of upcoming anime, soundtrack track lists and release dates and so forth. While I primarily write for my own enjoyment, it’s also nice to know that the odd reader who comes here may occasionally find my content to be useful or relevant.

The original purpose of this blog has not changed since it was first conceived: I aim to provide posts on almost anything I find interesting or amusing, in the hopes that readers may similarly derive enjoyment from reading said posts. I have mentioned in a previous post that post volume will likely decline as I grow increasingly entangled in real-life obligations concerning my studies. With this in mind, I will nonetheless continue posting as time permits to both provide informative posts (such as release dates of media) and personal reflection posts (all my reviews).

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