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Deer Hunter Reloaded

Deer Hunter Reloaded is one of the many hunting games released by Glu Games. Exactly as the title suggests, the game is about hunting various game animals in a realistic environment. The game offers two main modes of gameplay: missions that give experience and money for completing certain objectives, and a stampede mode that allows one to compete head-to-head with friends by taking on waves of stampeding animals. The game itself plays extremely well and has several unique features that diversify gameplay, such as the presence of an X-ray mode, allowing players to target specific organs in the animals, and the occasional night mission, which requires a pair of night-vision goggles to complete. Deer Hunter Reloaded possesses scenic environments and realistic animal behaviours. The game also possesses music and ambient noise that is befitting of the hunting community. The scope of the hunt varies substantially, allowing players to shoot anything from deer to bears. The gameplay itself is very straightforward: a player swipes across the screen to aim and uses on-screen buttons to fire, scope or use the X-Ray/Night vision.

  • One of the most enjoyable aspects of the game is the rare hunt; upon succeeding, one gets their weapons plated in gold and also obtain 20 gold, the unit of currency required to purchase the in-game items that improve gameplay.

  • The environments include snow-covered forests, deserts, Rocky Mountain creeks and so forth, immersing players into the hunting experience. I found that attempting to beat the levels with the weaker rifles result in the animals getting away or attacking, but I see no need to buy power-ups for the missions owing to these minor inconveniences.

  • With a bit of persistence, I acquired the .50 SpecOp rifle, a rifle based off the Barrett XM500. The best weapon in the game, the .50 SpecOp costs 5000 Gold (roughly 96 dollars Canadian), but has an incredible statistics: dealing 263 damage points, it has an eight-round magazine and 128x zoom. The next best weapon in the game is the MIL-3000 Assault, which also costs 5000 Gold. The more affordable rifles include the 7.62 Mod Sniper (1900 Gold) and the .338 Rip Magnum (1600 Gold), but are considerably weaker than the .50 Spec op.

  • Fortunately, I didn’t have to pay a penny for the .50 SpecOp rifle. In practise, the .50 SpecOp is incredibly overpowered and will cut down almost anything in a single shot regardless of where it hits. The zoom allows players to precisely pick out target organs in missions, and in stampede mode, allows for domination. I pair the SpecOp with the standard Tommy Gun for most missions.

  • The 30-06 Elk Master is the most effective hunting rifle players can buy in-game using standard money. One of the perks about Deer Hunter Reloaded is the ability to play offline. In Stampede mode, the object is to shoot as many things as possible as quickly as possible to advance to the next wave.

  • Unlimited X-Ray and Night Vision costs 600 gold each: to purchase both with the .50 Spec op costs 6200 gold altogether, but also future-proofs a player permanently. Once players pass level 17 and unlock the 30-06 Elk Master, the animals require increasingly powerful weapons to take down, as a single shot to the correct area will be meaningless.

  • The MIL-3000 assault rifle is an automatic weapon capable of delivering a large amount of firepower to a target in a short time. In practise, it is not particularly effective for campaign missions (where I never use automatic weapons), given that its spread may hit a non-target region. In Stampede mode, automatic weapons are fun, but will not yield the same bonuses as single shot weapons.

  • Upon acquiring the .50 Spec-op, it is strongly recommended that one saves their progress to iCloud so they do not lose the rifle. Saving to iCloud allows a player to also load their game and purchases to other devices: as long as one is careful not to overwrite the game with their preferred weapons, this mechanism proves to be effective in making the weapons persistent.

However, Deer Hunter Reloaded also has its share of limitations. For most players, the items that make gameplay more worthwhile can only be purchased by gold, which is infrequently earned and can only be practically obtained using real-world currency. Moreover, the energy limit prevents the amount of time one can spend playing the game. At the end of the day, Deer Hunter Reloaded is probably suited for casual gamers looking for a reasonably made free shooter with good graphics. The costly nature of the better guns is probably a detractor, as are the energy limitations, but for those who are content to fire a few shots while waiting for a train to show up, Deer Hunter Reloaded is an excellent game.

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