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Houkago Tea Time goes to New York City

The Times Square Building is located at 7 Times Square in Manhattan, New York City. Standing at 47 stories (221m) in height, it was completed in 2004 and is most well known for the placement of large billboards along its façade. One would typically expect conventional advertisements placed on these billboards, but in January 2011, a photographer captured something rather unique on the billboards.


  • If the K-On! franchise is ever resurrected (and given the nature of the nature of the media, this is a very unlikely supposition), I would love to see Houkago Tea Time visit North America, from the glitz of New York to the beauty of the Pacific coast and the majestic mountains of the Canadian Rockies.


  • I can only imagine how costly it would have been to post K-On! advertisements in Times Square. The same images that grace my website and blog were, however briefly, glorified in NYC.

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  • I once joked that if Hirasawa et al we to visit Calgary during the Stampede, the city would see an unexpected increase in tourism that year.

January 2011 predates the release of the K-On! Movie by nearly a year, and something like this is almost unexpected, to see a well-known anime being posted in one of the most famous locations in the world. I’m not sure how long a particular advertisement is retained before it is replaced by the real one, but the fact remains that K-On! was featured here as a testament to its popularity in both the West and the East.

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