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Tari Tari Character Song Albums

The fact that the character songs are to be released on November 14, 2012 has long been known, but recently, the tracklist to the album were released. With the latest release, we now are assured of the fact that there will be two disks. Comparing more traditional naming methods, this album gives the disks unique names.


Sky Disc ~Looking up and Fluttering~

  1. To Continue the Melody (Tsuzuku Melody), sung by Wakana
  2. Twinkle Link, sung by Konatsu
  3. Carrying Passion (Jyounetsu Ninatte), sung by Taichi and Wien
  4. The Light and Wind Lift You (Hikari to Kaze ni Nosete), sung by Wakana and Sawa
  5. Goin’ my way!!, sung by Konatsu
  6. The Light and Wind Lift You (Sing nicely with Wakana version!) [Bonus track]
  7. The Light and Wind Lift You (Can you sing with Sawa version?) [Bonus track]


Sea Disc ~Diving and Swaying~

  1. SAIL AWAY TO SKY, sung by Sawa
  2. Prsimic Colored Happiness (Nanairo Happiness), sung by Kontasu and Sawa
  3. The Road Leading to Tomorrow (Ashita he no Michi), sung by Sawa and Taichi
  4. White Decoration☆, sung by Kontasu and Wien
  5. SWEET SHINY DAY, sung by Wakana and Konatsu
  6. White Decoration☆ (Sing along with Konatsu version☆)  [Bonus track]
  7. White Decoration☆ (Get fired up with Wien version)  [Bonus track]

I believe I see four bonus tracks tempting me to brush up my Japanese and vocalisation capacities. Moreover, several of the tracks seem to be quite interesting, especially the track titled “The Road Leading to Tomorrow”. Casually note that Sawa and Taichi sing it, implying that the words they exchanged was indeed some sort of love confession.

  • Now, for no apparent reason, I’m going to drag this post out with two additional Tari Tari images. I think I’ve mentioned in previous posts that Sawa was my favourite character from the show from a personality perspective. That said, I update my statement to include Wakana for her character growth as the series progresses.

  • This artwork really feels like a Makoto Shinkai piece involving Konatsu. I can’t describe it in words, but it can be summarised simply as … awesome. The contrast between the azure sky and the bright yellow of the railway crossing bring out the colours in the image, and almost completely eclipses Konatsu, who is waving happily at the viewer. This is easily one of the best Tari Tari artworks out there.

At any rate, with the release set in the midst of November, I should probably find enough time to obtain and listen to it for myself. I recall last year, the Gundam UC OST II was released at around this time, and I spent a Saturday listening to “Mobile Armour” while coding a model of the sodium-potassium pump on the day of Otafest Lite. This year, I have no idea what I’ll be doing once the album releases, but one thing’s for sure: some song on said album will probably remind me of whatever I’m working on at the time.

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