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French fries and ghost stories

For some reason, deep fried potato fries seem to accompany almost anything, whether it is a good burger, a steak, fried chicken, corn dogs, fried fish and so forth. Fries also accompany gatherings nicely, offering a toasty countermeasure for those moments where one is indulging in the odd ghost story prior to Hallow’s Eve. In my case, the supernatural elements from the texts I was reading with a friend were paired with fries seasoned with lemon juice and herbs and accompanied by Tzatziki, a strained yoghurt (usually from sheep or goat milk) mixed with cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil, and dill that is popular in Greece and Turkey.

  • With a plate of fries and ginger ale in one hand, and iPad in the other, a friend and I spent the afternoon scrolling through both modern and classical ghost stories, murder mysteries, supernatural events and paranormal locations.

In experience, a good ghost story is one that pushes the limits of reason and logic, playing on the inner depths of the human psyche and setting them in a familiar environment. Thus, ghost stories associated with poignant moments and strong emotions are more haunting than slashers, on the virtue that most small arms (think things like the M249 SAW) are sufficient to cut down a mad axe-man: conversely, stories associated with human nature and suffering are far more moving.

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