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MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G Another Angle

It has been about a quarter-year since I completed the Master Grade 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G, and the time seems appropriate to consider this Master Grade from an alternate viewpoint, so to speak. I had purchased and reviewed the kit back in August, taking into account all of the weapons and the overall appearance of the suit. However, on occasions, I would take the model and change up some of its poses and weapons, and in doing so, I have come to notice the detail present on the body of the Gundam itself where all the weapons are absent to an even greater extent than before: whereas I was primarily interested in the fully-loaded model, inspecting the Gundam from a different perspective has revealed hitherto unexplored, seemingly trivial elements about the Gundam.

  • As per the instruction manual, I always build the head of any Gundam model first. The 00’s head was remarkably fun to put together, and the proportions are aesthetically pleasing, with the yellow of the V-fin and red of the crown offset by the blue-greens of the side condensers and the bit of grey visible on the sides of the face.

  • It is enjoyable and satisfying to, on occasion, merely gaze at the sheer amount of details found on the MG 00 Gundam, whether it be the grey parts that are found under the main armour or the laser-etched symbols on the head crown and condenser pieces.

In my original discussion, articulation was not mentioned. With that in mind, the 00 Gundam itself is highly flexible and is capable of making numerous poses. The sheer number of moving parts makes achieving a specific pose more challenging, and of course, increased articulation comes at a price: the parts are not as stuff as they could otherwise be, so some poses may not be held for long periods before the laws of gravity kick in. The overall design of the 00 Gundam is immensely appealing in terms of composition and the presence of grey throughout every part of the model, placing grey plating underneath the external armour and exposed at certain points to really give the kit a Master Grade quality.

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