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Today’s one of those days where I lack the inclination to post anything useful. Thus, we are stuck with a post depicting 27 of the 35 characters present in the classes the girls in K-On! attend. With that in mind, the art is reasonably well done and suggests that K-On! could have dispensed with music and depicted the lives of a wider group of individuals as a class with enjoyable results. In its current incarnation, the sheer number of well-animated background characters demonstrates KyoAni’s modus operandi: immensely detailed settings that bring the worlds they animate to life. Without any further delay, here they are in no particular order.

Keiko Sano

  • Keiko Sano has an optimistic and cheerful disposition. She’s also a close friend of Haruna Okada.

Mika Saeki

  • Mika Saeki is a member of the Volleyball club. She’s also popular in the class because of her sociable personality.

Kyouko Shimizu

  • Kyoko Shimizu is a quiet and gentle girl who likes flowers. Her older sister was a member of the Occult Club.

Haruko Chikada

  • Haruko Chikada is the most tomboyish girl of the class; she’s also shown have a kind personality.

Keiko Iida

  • Keiko Iida (飯田恵子) is a member of the Basketball Club and are close friends of Ushio Oota and Nobuyo Nakajima. She likes to partake in gossip.

Kimiko Makigami

  • Kimiko Makigami is noticeably darker skinned relative to her classmates and suggests she has a mixed heritage background. As a result, she occasionally doubts her self-image.

Fuuko Takahashi

  • Fuuko Takahashi (高橋風子) is a quiet girl who bears a strong resemblance to Mio Akiyama owing to their similar hairstyle. While normally quiet, she is unexpectedly intimidating when angered, and very stubborn at times. Fuuko also has a childish side to her as well. Her blood type is A (don’t ask me how this works).

Akiyo Miyamoto

  • Akiyo Miyamoto (明代宮本) is rather shy and likes hanging out in the library. She was touched by HTT’s performance at the school festival and is the girl to have requested a picture of After-school Teatime’s band members.

Haruna Okada

  • Haruna Okada (岡田春奈) is a beautiful girl with a refreshing personality. A close friend to Keiko Sano, she engages in karaoke to relieve stress. Haruna appears to be easily influenced by the moods of those around her.

Nobuyo Nakajima

  • Nobuyo Nakajima (中島のぶ代) is a member of the Basketball Club, and is friends of Ushio Oota and Keiko Iida. Her parents own a liquor store.

Shizuka Kinoshita

  • Shizuka Kinoshita (静香木下) is a close friend of Chizuru Shima. Shizuka and Keiko Sano grew up together. She does not have a way with words, and she envies others because of that. Shizuka is part of the props department for the play “Romeo and Juliet”. Together with Mugi, she saves the play from disaster when they replaced the lost tombstone of Juliet prop with a “Rosetta Stone” prop they borrowed from the Occult Club just in time for the scene when Juliet commits suicide. The lost tombstone of Juliet will be found later by Yui.

Masumi Yada

  • Masumi Yada (矢田真澄) is one of Yui Hirasawa’s classmates from class 3-2.

Himeko Tachibana

  • Himeko Tachibana (立花姫子) is a member of the Softball Club. She works a part-time job at a convenience store. She first speaks to Yui in the episode “Rainy Season!” about Yui’s guitar. She sensed that Yui loves her guitar so much she told Yui that her guitar is like a boyfriend. She is also one of the candidates for the leading role of their play, “Romeo and Juliet”, as Romeo.

Ichigo Wakaouji

  • Ichigo Wakaouji (若王子いちご) is a member of the Gymnastics Club and is highly skilled with a baton. Ichigo posseses a strong sense of justice, but because she never flatters, she is often misunderstood.

Toshimi Shibaya

  • Toshimi Shibaya is usually quiet but becomes more vocal when excited. She is a good friend of Masumi Yada , Ai Tsuchiya and Tsukasa Koiso. After graduation, she aspires to study nursing.

Ushio Oota

  • Ushio Oota (太田潮) is a member of the Basketball Club who is close friends with Keiko Iida and Nobuyo Nakajima. Similar to Keiko Iida, she likes to gossip.

Yoshimi Sunahara

  • Yoshimi Sunahara (砂原吉見) is a quiet girl who is quick to respond with a smile when addressed by others. Alongside Ichigo Wakaouji and Haruko Chikada, she is the only girl in the class to prefer long skirts. Yoshimi wishes to study dressmaking after she graduates from high school.

  • Eri Taki (絵里瀧) is a member of the Volleyball Club and a close friend of Akane Satou. She also likes Buddhist statues.

Shizuru Hima

  • Chizuru Shima (志摩千鶴) is a close friend of Shizuka Kinoshita’s. She wants to study arts after graduating from high school and become a photographer when she grows up, and has an interest in manga. Contrary to her appearances, Chizuru is actually rather shrewd.

Mifuyu Matsumoto

  • Mifuyu Matsumoto is acts as an older sister of sorts for the class. Despite appearing level-headed and reliable, she also has a delicate side to her personality. She wants to study abroad in China after graduating from high school.

Akane Satou

  • Akane Satou (佐藤あかね) is a member of the Volleyball Club. She wants to study cosmetology after graduating from high school and aspires to become a beautician.

Youko Sasaki

  • Youko Sasaki (佐々木洋子) is a bonafide member of the Mio Akiyama Fan Club. She is a gentle and quiet girl.

Chika Nojima

  • Chika Nojima (野島チカ) is a cheerful girl who laughs a lot and is a good friend of Mifuyu’s.

Natsuka Sakurai 

  • Natsuka Sakurai (櫻井なつか) is known as Naa-chan by Yui classmates from class 3-2. She helps others a lot and is a logical thinker. She has an O blood type.

Michiko Endou

  • Michiko Endou (遠藤美智子) is addressed as ‘Mame’ (in English, it means pea/bean) by her classmates, because her last name means pea as well. She looks girly, but can change suddenly and show a boyish side, and is a hard worker. She has a mole under her left eye and her bloodtype is A.

Tae Kikuchi

  • Tae Kikuchi is one of Yui’s classmates. Although she has a slim figure, she worries about people seeing her as chubby because of her round face shape. Tae has a go-with-the-flow personality and is the type that accepts whatever happens. Her bloodtype is A.

Hideko Sakuma

  • Hideko Sakuma is one of Yui’s classmates, commonly referred to as ‘Mom’, because she always looks calm and composed. Kind and gentle, she often lets people see her homework.

The individuals’ names were deduced simply from taking cues from within the show, including character seating, name-to-individual reactions in response to other characters, and subtitles under some of the characters names as they are introduced. Contrary to posts elsewhere on the internet, figuring this out was a joke, especially when considering that I’ve taken on more challenging endeavours for my own amusement, including the setup of a private RO server. Using simple techniques from graph theory and a bit of set notation, matching names to faces decisively was remarkably straightforward, contrasting the decidedly crude methods wielded by 2ch users.

Were we helpful? Did you see something we can improve on? Please provide your feedback today!

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