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A Trip to London, England, K-On! Style! Part VI of VI- Endgame Considerations

London Bridge and River Thames
London Tower and London Eye
London! It’s London! London; I’m actually from London!

We have considered all of the logistics underlying a hypothetical trip to London in the same manner as conducted by the girls in the K-On! Movie. This hypothetical trip was remarkably amusing to assemble, as I attempted to focus on the elements present within the movie while simultaneously maximising the amount of time spent exploring London’s historical sights. I’ve done such trips for my previous German and Japanese language classes; the only differences this time are that I’m not being graded on this attempt and I had a month to do it, compared to the two weeks the courses offered.

  • This post was deliberately broken up into six parts for ease-of-access. From a web-development side of things, it means that one viewer will have to visit at least five of six parts to read everything, but pages will load faster 😉

This trip is a hypothetical one, and as such, the logistics have not been optimised. A tour of London over a period of three days would present more rush than is necessary; ideally, a tour of London to explore all of the historic elements would require at least five days. Moreover, travelling with a tour group would be decidedly more straightforward and economic, as tour organisations are able to arrange for all transportation, dining and sights en masse, allowing them to offer them for discounted prices. Going with a tour group would also reduce any concerns regarding time and transportation. Thus, any travellers to the London region would probably be more inclined to go with a tour group unless they had friends and/or family that are familiar with the London area. From a personal perspective, for travellers going to London for the first time, I would not recommend carrying out the trip I’ve described purely on economic grounds.

  • This is the culmination of the thread that was started on AnimeSuki, or could be seen as an extension of it. The only difference here is that we have successfully covered everything in great detail, far beyond the scope of any post there. Hopefully, this mini-series will re-ignite interest in London and K-On! for the forum’s visitors. 

Despite this factor, the hypothetical trip does allow our visitors to visit more or less all of the locations depicted in the movie, minus the London City area (where the girls mistakenly go while trying to get to their hotel). This is doubtlessly the intent of a so-called pilgrimage to London, but for the purposes of my discussion, practical considerations drive some of the decisions. Thus, we have also visited a 007 James Bond location, as well as one depicted in Harry Potter. The trip designed here was aimed to maximise the locations the girls visited and demonstrates that the events in the movie does fall within realistic parameters, albeit making assumptions, such as the notion that queues are perfectly timed and so on. Real world logistics would probably preclude the hypothetical trip from becoming a practical undertaking, but nonetheless, the planning process shows that such a trip is possible. My final comment is that the girls in K-On! must be stupidly rich: the entire trip can be encompassed by a cost of 4000 Canadian Dollars (some 340,771.67 JPY). Again, I’m willing to suspend my disbelief because K-On! is set in a fictional setting, and at day’s end, provides for some good entertainment.

  • I’ve always felt that the K-On! Movie gave off Christmas vibes, especially in its opening song, “Ichiban Ippai” (Full of number ones). It follows that I’m going to watch the movie again real soon. Well, this post is more or less done now.

Today, I have demonstrated that a trip bearing resemblance to the one taken by the Houkago Tea time girls can be reasonably designed within a three day period. I have introduced some additional elements to account for the fact that the girls in the movie have some of their time directed at concerts, and also lose time as they arrive at the wrong Ibis. Those wishing to recreate this ‘miscommunication’ would probably do well to set aside a fourth day to replicate the journey via the London Underground. The overall design process for this hypothetical trip was immensely amusing, illustrating how Azusa might have designed such a trip for the girls within the movie. With this in mind, this mini-series of posts will hopefully confer to readers some idea of what a K-On! style trip to London, England might entail. I certainly hope readers have found this post amusing to read, because I had a fun time writing it.

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