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Gundam 00- Assault on Memento Mori

Katharon’s offensive against the Memento Mori goes poorly, with A-Laws’ superior units both nullifying the resistance’s missile attacks and decimating their obsolete mobile suits. The 00-Raiser’s timely arrival saves the fleet from being completely wiped out as Setsuna single-handedly takes on the A-Laws forces and a new Gadessa mobile suit piloted by Hiling. The Ptolemaios II approaches the Memento Mori head-on in its blind spot, but is soon forced into the laser’s firing path; however, the ship miraculously survives the attack by using Arios’ Trans-Am to dodge, and ensures its safety with Cherudim’s new Shield Bit system. Thanks to Nena Trinity’s leaked information, Tieria’s Buster Cannon and a precise hit from Lockon exploits a weakness in the Memento Mori and destroys the superweapon, taking Arba Lindt’s life in the process.

  • Why this post? I felt like gushing about how I gushed about this episode 4 years ago, and how much the world has changed since then. Here, we have the GNZ-003 Gadessa, a limited-production mobile suit that was designed for long-range combat and uses technical and combat data derived from the GN-005 Gundam Virtue. Its primary weapon is the GN Mega Launcher, a long range weapons designed for high-precision firing.

  • Episode 13 to season 2 was released back in December 28, 2008. During this period four years ago, I was studying for the standarised examinations, as I was completing my final year of secondary school. Gundam 00, thus, this anime reminds me strongly of my high school days.

  • Before an Ahead can annihilate the last of Katharon’s transports, a particle beam cuts down the Ahead. Despite being presented in the first episode as a powerful all-around Federation mobile suit, the new Gundams have no problem dispatching them.

  • The shot turns out to have originated from the 00 Raiser, who streaks onto the battlefield and casually dispatches a handful of A-Laws units with ease. The 00 Raiser is the single most powerful unit up to this point in the series: the synchronisation and stabilisation of its GN Drives give it hitherto unmatched performance.

  • Setsuna requests information on the Memento Mori, relaying back to the Ptolemaios such that Sumeragi can formulate a plan to take it down. The plan is quite simple and was in fact, directly inspired by the Rebel’s strategy to take down the Death Star in A New Hope. Similarly, Sumeragi plans to fly down the orbital ring (trench) and target the optical resonator (exhaust vent) to destroy the Memeto Mori (Death Star).

  • The episode can be implicitly seen as Sumeragi’s careful planning against Arba Lindt’s brute force tactics. There’s really no prizes for guessing which method works better, and this trend is, not surprisingly, one that holds in the real world.

  • As the mid-point episode, this particular instalment really delivered in terms of action and quality. Many heroic background themes make a return in this episode as the crew of the Ptolemaios mounts their assault on the orbital weapon and the fleet defending it.

  • Nena Trinity proves to be an unexpected ally this episode, sending highly detailed blueprints to the Ptolemaios and later, giving Setsuna covering fire. Her actions are motivated by her undying hatred for Wang Liu Mei, although again, I have the advantage of knowing what happens already; in 2008, speculation had hoped that Nena would get a new unit to match the Arche in performance or even join the Ptolemaios crew.

  • Alright, gentlemen: enough of this standing around business. It’s time for everyone to man their battle-stations and partake in what is perhaps one of the most innovative battles seen in Gundam 00 thus far.

  • Marie consents to assist in this operation, using her reflexes to time a Trans-Am assisted jump when the Federation forces push the Ptolemaios within the Memento Mori’s firing angle.

  • Wang Liu Mei is revealed to be interested solely in change for the world, and aligns herself with the party most likely to offer it, regardless of the cost that the change may bring. This methodology is consistent with what high school conferred to some of my classmates: these individuals now believe that it is their duty to change the world in within their own lifetime.

  • The Cantonese have a saying called “高興太早”, which simply means to celebrate prematurely before it has been ascertained that a victory has been won. Healing Care learns this the hard way after the Ptolemaios evades the shot and streaks towards the Memento Mori.

  • This ingenious setup involves using the Seravee to melt off the Mememto Mori’s side armour, before getting the Cherudim to target the optical resonator.

  • The assault on Mememto Mori sees the first use of the Cherudim’s shield bits, remote controlled devices that can act both as shields and remote lasers. When I first spoke to friends about remote weapons, he noted there was a distinction between bits and funnels. I’m not too familiar with this distinction, though, and moreover, most remote weapons in Gundam 00 are referred to as “Fangs”, although, unlike Gundam SEED, the term is not an acronym.

  • Healing Care’s final attempt to stop the Ptolemaios ends with Setsuna bifurcating the GN mega-launcher and challenging her to a one-on-one using swords. 

  • After Tieria produces a hole in the side of the Memento Mori, the entire operation is down to Lockon’s sharpshooting.

  • Believe it or not, there is a Gundam 00/K-On! crossover parody video out there of the opening sequence, and this image was modified to include Ritsu making the shot. With that as my video thumbnail, that video gathered nearly 180000 views before my old account died after I migrated to the new Google-linked accounts.

  • The holographic sight is included in the HG 1/144 Cherudim and its successor, the heavy weapons edition. I recall a friend purchasing the Cherudim and Zabanya model kits during previous winter breaks, while I purchased the HG 00 Raiser+GN Sword III and MG 00 Qan[T]. I’m more of a fan of the 00 line of mobile suits for their sleekness. Lokon successfully makes the shot, wiping the Memento Mori out. Arba Lindt’s vessel is destroyed by the superweapon’s wreckage.

  • To add insult to injury, Setsuna disarms the Gaddessa after the latter gets distracted by Nena’s intervention, serving as a fitting close for the operation.

  • Marina and the Katharon members note that while the destruction of the Memento Mori was beneficial, the warfare they experienced up until now cannot be allowed to remain.

Despite four years having passed since this episode was released, I nonetheless remain impressed with its execution and flow. In particular, its similarity to the Battle of Yavin gave the episode big points and marked it as an excellent midway point, bringing back all of Celestial Being’s glory. Until now, Sumeragi et al. had merely been reacting to threats, rather than preventing them. After this episode’s release, I recall directing my attention towards the exams that I would write mid-January, and that episode fourteen would release on January 11, 2009. Speculation online regarding the episode took off with great haste, and some thought that Nena would become an ally backed by Wang Liu Mei, as well as the identity of the then-new character, Pang Hercury. A former HRL soldier, his role was the topic of much speculation, although presently, we know him as the organiser of a coup d’état that would be the focus of episodes 15 and 16. In the present day, I now await the release of three new anime which I will likely follow, all of which will release on the 11th, a little less than four years after episode 14 of Gundam 00 was to release.

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