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The Cast of Tamako Market

Tamako Market has already presented us with a remarkably closely-knit set of characters that also happens to be diverse. Never being one to be good with names, I’ve presented a neat entity-relationship diagram that relates (hopefully) all of the characters to all of the other characters.

  • A warm thank you goes out to those who put the original Japanese chart together, ladies and gentlemen; yet another post translated for English-speaking audiences at a mere cost of glory to whoever made the original.

This chart will hopefully present a rudimentary means of clarifying who’s who in the Tama-ya shopping district, as well as how one relates to another. The diverse cast will contribute to the unique dynamics within this anime, giving the series a very comforting, people-filled atmosphere that counteracts some of the feelings of isolation encountered in anime with few characters. Whereas those worlds feel cold with a minimal number of other characters, it is clear that Tamako Market will present a friendlier world that will engage its viewers.

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