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Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai NEXT

Yozora and Rika manage to trick Sena into letting them style her hair into a heap, filling it with all sorts of oddities. The next day, Kodaka goes over to Sena’s house to study for his exams, where he discovers her room is decorated with pictures of Yozora that she uses for ‘grudge purposes’. Kodaka is asked by Pegasus to spend the night, where he expresses his worries that Sena might be getting bullied, to which Kodaka replies that he will protect her.

  • For those coming into the show, Kodaka Hasegawa is the show’s protagonist. His appearance means that others regard him as a delinquent, belying his gentle and competent nature. He finds himself bored with Sena and Yozora’s antics very quickly.

  • Yozora Mikazuki was revealed to be Kodaka’s friend from childhood. After an accident with fireworks in the first season, she cuts her hair short and is immediately recognised by Kodaka.

  • I imagine that a love triangle between Yozora, Sena and Kodaka will soon form: the chairman has constantly hinted that Sena is best matched with Kodaka, but of course, we also have Yozora’s possible feelings for him, as well. Only time will tell, but if this aspect is explored, we’re going to be in for a good show.

  • Extending on elements from the previous season, Kobato expresses extreme trepidation at the mere thought of being with Sena. If the first season set the stage for all the characters through its delivery of individual growth, the second season will hopefully

  • Like Kodaka, I also suck at fighting games. My expectations for the second season are the return of everything that made season one enjoyable, and if a romance is to be integrated, that’s going to be icing on the cake.

Season two brings back, with gusto, everything that made season one amusing and perhaps takes things to the next level with its presentation of the comedic material. Only this time around, Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai NEXT is not holding back on the fanservice, bringing to the table more outrageous comedy through its depiction of what one may consider to be “compromising situations”. Right away, all of the cast are immediately reintroduced, both physically and via their mannerisms; it’s been around 15 months since the first season aired, and the producers ensure that we become re-acquainted with our colourful cast of characters mere moments into the episode. Once the table is set, the first of the story arcs is presented through Kodaka and Sena’s father’s exchanges. It would appear that Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai NEXT could be setting up what could be at best a brilliant romance-comedy, and even in the worst case, would deliver an immensely amusing comedy about anti-social tendencies and how a disparate group of individuals may appreciate each other  without fully being aware of their relationships. For a worst case, that is arguably better than the best case for what some shows out there have to offer, and that is a remarkable feat.

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