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Girls und Panzer – A Thunder Run

“Hey Miller, you should collect that guy’s salary. You just did his job for him” — Miller’s tank Commander.

  • If  we were to actually field a Panzer IV in Thunder Run, the mission would end around 30 seconds in, after Miller’s crew-mates tell him to lose the toy dinosaur. Fortunately, we’re playing as an M1A2 operator.

Thunder Run is the seventh mission in Battlefield 3, set the Kavir Desert, and follows Jonathan Miller of the 1st Tank Battalion as they move into Tehran to rescue Henry Blackburn’s squad. During the course of the mission, Miller will either be manning the M1A2’s M2 Browning machine gun, driving the tank itself, and during one part of the mission, go on foot to clear a minefield.

  • The PLR will be equipped with T72 tanks, a Soviet-designed main battle tank that entered production in 1970. Armed with a 125 mm (4.9 in) 2A46 series main gun, the T72s have a larger calibre round, but its armour penetration capability is reduced. In game, this means that the player can take the odd hit or two without any catastrophic failure.

  • After disabling the first waves of PLR armour, Miller and company are tasked with taking out a BM-21 positition. The BM-21 is a Soviet truck-mounted 122 mm multiple rocket launcher, that is effective at shorter ranges: one battalion of eighteen launchers is able to deliver 720 rockets in a single volley. However, the system cannot be used in situations that call for pinpoint precision. As one of the tank operators note, they’re inaccurate, but are highly damaging nonetheless if they should connect.

  • Use of the M2 Browning 50-calibre machine gun is rather amusing: during the latter part of the mission, Miller’s company rolls down a freeway, engaging infantry and light vehicles rather than tanks. The quote from above comes from the point where Miller is able to detonate and clear a minefield.

For the time being, this will be the last of the posts with a Girls und Panzer designation. The anime is over, and I’ve had my fun exploring some of the more unconventional aspects that the anime has found itself sharing associations with. Regular posts resume immediately, of course.

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    looks like bf3 lol


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