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The Killtrocity medal is obtained by killing 6 opponents within 4 seconds of each other, and is represented by a gold medal with six bronze stars in its centre. Having a Bungie difficulty of nine (out of ten), this medal is surprisingly difficult to get, and is nigh impossible to obtain on larger maps, where the players are dispersed. Thus, as with the kill frenzy medal, smaller maps with a large number of people (such as Lockout or Midship) are more ideal for those wishing to acquire this medal.

All of my impressive multi-kill medals are achieved on Lockout, where the close quarters allows for multiple opponents to be taken down. Targeting players who have just spawned will make this medal considerably easier to acquire: most of my killtrocities are either with the sword or a combination of headshots with the sniper rifle, beatdowns and grenades. Given the increasing rarity of crowded Halo 2 servers, it becomes more difficult to get the higher level multi-kills: these images are dated to a point during 2010, some two years ago when Halo 2 for PC was a lot more popular.

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