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Chinese New Year: Year of the Snake

Today marks the beginning of the Year of the Snake (正月). Ergo, I wish all of our readers 恭禧發財,心想事成, 龍馬精神, 新年快樂! People born in the Year of the Snake are reputed to be thoughtful and wise and to approach problems rationally and logically, seldom instinctively. Such people are complex beings, they are clever and men of few words from their birth. Their business is always going well, but they are stingy very often. They are sometimes egoistic and conceited. However they can be very active in their friends’ life. They are often too active, not believing other people and relying only on themselves. Snakes are also very insightful and naturally intuitive. If anyone has a sixth sense, it’s those born in the Snake year. This is partly what makes them so mysterious.Snakes come in all varieties of colors and patterns. And maybe that’s why people born in the Snake year love to appreciate beauty. People with the Chinese zodiac snake sign are very stylish, fashionable and have exceptional taste.

  • On the Chinese Zodiac, I am a ram. The zodiac characterises rams as enjoying carrying on with life in their own quiet, individual way, content to be in the middle of it all rather than to be leading it. Rams are quiet and calm people. They enjoy cultural things and focus much of their energy on artistic hobbies. Moreover, they are easygoing and relaxed, happy to be going with the flow. The Zodiacs are probably generally written and thus, appear to apply quite well. According to the zodiac, rams like the comfort of a crowd. They enjoy adding input and opinions but do not wish to take a lead position. Capable of taking a leadership role is asked, but generally prefer to be a part of the group. They do not seek positions of power or status as these things are not important to the Ram. Finally, rams are characterised as loving creatures who make great romantic partners, despite being clingy and self-deprecating. They are compassionate and kind, genuine and affectionate. A ram needs a partner who will be supportive and attentive and who will help him develop his self-confidence.

After February 10, dragon dancing and parades will commence. Traditionally, ceremonies are held to pay respects to ancestors, children receive money in red envelopes, extended family members visit each other, and my personal favourite, Chinese New Year feasts. The celebration culminates on the 15th day with the Lantern festival; on this night of the full moon, families mingle in the streets carrying lighted lanterns, often creating a beautiful light display.

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