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The end of online multiplayer in Halo 2 for Windows Vista

Back in late January, Halo Waypoint’s Jessica Shea announced that they would be shutting down all multiplayer servers for Halo 2 Vista as of February 15, 2013. Today, 343 Studios postponed the shutdown until June 2013, while noting that they might try to consider an alternate solution. Citing low participation rates (apparently, only 20 players were on the network at any time), all support for the game will be pulled. Locally hosted games will not be affected, although given the rarity of Halo 2 Vista players, I would doubt that anyone would likely be able to play locally.

  • My skills in the Halo 2 Vista community are legendary: I’m somewhat notorious for my style. Among the more notable moments of my adventures include getting some servers named after me after single-handedly winning a CTF game on Coagulation and decimating entire teams composed of clan members.

  • One of my more recent achievements is cutting down a cheater who called himself “D15AVOW3D”. Despite using aim bots, I was able to kill him using the energy sword, and he subsequently left the server. I’ve run into numerous cheaters over the past five years in Halo 2 Vista and have managed to hold my own against them despite their cheats (including one case where I killed a player called “Justin Bieber”: despite his invincibility cheat, I pwned him by blowing him off the map on Lockout using rockets).

  • Causing players to rage quit is perhaps the single most amusing part about Halo 2. Contrary to what is being said online, Halo 2 Vista is not particularly problematic with respect to performance and performs much as it did on the Xbox. As of late, I’ve noticed that it’s been increasingly difficult to get multikills higher than a killtacular. I had originally figured it was my skill that had declined, but given that I can still stick and snipe players effortlessly, this announcement confirms one thing: that there are fewer and fewer people on the Vista platform.

  • I still play Halo 2 Vista’s multiplayer on occasion, and time has not taken away any of my edge. Recently, I was able to decimate a team on MLG slayer on Lockout without much effort. The players with unusual names usually present the most amusing targets for trolling.

I’ve been playing Halo 2 Vista since it came out back in 2008, and for the nearly five years that I’ve had with the game, I can honestly say that the game was very enjoyable while it lasted. Despite being blasted by critics for lacking innovation, coming to the PC platform too late and having unnecessarily high requirements, I nonetheless found the game most enjoyable and spent much of the breaks in my first and second undergraduate year blowing away other players, getting numerous killtaculars and even a pair of killimanjaros.

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