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Girls und Panzer Episodes 11 and 12 release dates announced

It was announced today that episodes 11 and 12 will be aired on March 18 and March 25, 2013, respectively, on Tokyo MX 2200 local time (for folks who reside on the other side of the world, 0600 MST). These are Mondays, meaning that the episodes themselves should be accessible come Tuesday (or even Monday evening, at the latest.

  • “Well, it’s like I need a whole army to kill a bunch of guys; I don’t need nothing but myself! It’s like I’m coming around the corner… BOOM HEADSHOT! It’s like that guy is coming around the corner… BOOM HEADSHOT! Send your tank, cuz’ I got frags, I got frags!” -FPS_Doug on panzerfahren.

The preview depicts what is probably the opening few minutes of the episode, featuring combat sequences from dug-in positions, with Miho capitalising on the high ground and forcing a stalemate. Judging from their deployment patterns, they cannot be attacked from behind and have adopted a bombardment position: although offsetting their numerical disadvantage, Miho and company are nonetheless outgunned and outnumbered. We thus expect some brilliant strategies from Miho. Additional footage shows what appears to be two King Tiger Tanks, and perhaps more impressively, Ooarai’s Hetzer being given a paint job to match the schema found on the Black Forest tanks. I foresee some infiltration techniques being used. The slope Miho organises her forces on have another alternative: in a move reminiscent to the Battle of the Bulge, Miho may use something novel (in place of the fuel drums) to defeat the superior armour…

  • I am pumped for the final two episodes to be released. Before that happens, though, Gundam UC Episode Six will air on March 2.

As for the final episode itself, while the victory could go either way, one thing is likely to happen: Miho will probably be forced to confront her previous failure as the Ooarai team is pressed into an increasingly difficult situation. My predictions are that she will succeed here and rally Ooarai, although as mentioned previously, the outcome of the battle is still indeterminate. Only time will tell, and for the present, it’s a one-month wait until the episodes are released. Until then, we have another OVA slated for release on February 22.

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