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Girls Und Panzer- I’ll Introduce!

A while back, I said that I would not be naming the characters in an episode discussion post, and that such an endeavour would be left for the future. This was accounted for by the fact that there are eight tank teams and 32 individuals altogether (i.e. up to and including episode ten). Well, the future is now, and as such, this article strives to clearly present all of the members of the Ooarai armoured unit, with the intent of matching names to faces, and explicitly naming the tanks that the team uses.

  • This image gives an idea of why I hesitate to talk about all the characters in the show. I haven’t memorised everyone’s names yet outside of the Anglerfish and Turtle Team. Of course, the naming of the teams makes it slightly easier to group the characters together by association. This image is special, featuring nearly all of the characters and as such, can be expanded for viewing at a higher resolution.

Anglerfish Team

The Anglerfish team operates a German Panzer IV Ausf. D, armed with the short-barreled 75mm KwK 37 L/24 gun that is mostly used for infantry support. The tank was later upgraded to a Panzer IV Ausf. F2 when they found a long-barreled 75mm KwK 40 L/43 anti-tank cannon which was being used to hang clothes out to dry. It was upgraded again to Ausf. H for the Sensha-dō tournament finals match by adding “Schürzen” spaced armour.

  • From left to right, Yukari Akiyama, Saori Takebe, Miho Nishizumi, Mako Reizei and Hana Isuzu. Below is the Anglerfish team in their competition uniforms.

Turtle Team

The Turtle Team is made up of the school’s student council and uses the Czech Panzer 38(t); it is converted into a Hetzer tank destroyer atop the chassis of the 38(t).

  • From left to right, Yuzu Koyama, Momo Kawashima and Anzu Kadotani.

Duck Team

The Duck Team is composed of former volleyball club members and uses the Japanese Type 89B.

  • From top to bottom, left to right, Akebi Sasaki, Noriko Isobe, Shinobu Kawanishi and Taeko Kondou.

Hippo Team

The Hippo Team is composed of history buffs and operates a German Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. F.

  • Top to bottom, left to right, Kiyomi Sugiyama (Saemonza), Satoko Matsumoto (Erwin), Takako Suzuki (Caesar) and Takeko Nogami (Oryou).

Rabbit Team

The Rabbit Team is composed of six first-year students and uses the American M3 Lee.

  • From top to bottom, left, Aya Oono, Azusa Sawa, Ayumi Yamagou, Saki Maruyama, Karina Sakaguchi, and Yuuki Utsugi.

Mallard Team

The Mallard Team is composed of the three members of Ōarai’s Public Morals Committee and uses the French Renault B1 Bis.

  • Midoriko Sono, Moyoko Gotou and Nozomi Konparu

Anteater Team

The Anteater Team is formed of a group of gamer girls, actually meeting each other in real life for the first time when they form a team for the Sensha-do finals. They drive a Japanese Type 3 Chi-Nu medium tank.

  • Top to bottom, left to right, Nekota, Piyotan and Momogaa.

Leopon Team

The Leopon Team comprised of Ooarai’s automotive club, who often do repairs on the tanks in between matches. They join the finals match, driving a prototype tank that the Rabbit team found in episode 7. The tank is a Tiger (P), also known as Porsche Tiger, which sports a 88mm KwK L/56 gun.

  • From left to right, top to bottom, Hoshino, Suzuki, Satoko Nakajima and Tsuchiya

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