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Water War!

The girls go shopping for swimsuits after the student council announces that they will be taking a trip to the beach.

  • Readers are probably wondering how a six-minute OVA can have the same number of screenshots as a full-fledged episode. I wonder that myself: my discussions here probably won’t concern swimsuit shopping at all, seeing as that is outside the domain of my knowledge.

  • Saori’s overwhelming excitement for swimsuit shopping was most amusing to behold.

  • I’ll let the images do most of the talking.

  • A wet suit is a full-body garment for water sports and offers superior insulation. It is banned in some competitions, as it is believed that wet suits offer superior hydrodynamic flow.

  • Mako has a more conservative taste in swimsuits, but ends up choosing a well-designed conservative one at the end.

  • Yukari’s preferences in swim gear matches my own, much to Miho’s exasperation.

  • As befitting of their background, the history club students choose swimsuits with some sort of historical significance.

  • The ensuing commotion results in Miho forgetting to choose and purchase her own swimsuit. Fortunately, Yukari (who somehow has the uncanny ability to measure Miho with nothing more than a look) purchases a swimsuit for Miho in advance.

  • The girls’ Panzer IV is converted for beach-faring purposes, complete with a lounge chair and a beach umbrella.

  • How this image came to be still eludes my mind: it looks like a low-altitude jump of some sort. Shortly after this scene, rain clouds come out of nowhere and shuts the party down.

This was the first of the six-minute OVAs released for Girls und Panzer, being a straightforward episode about buying new swimwear for their upcoming beach trip. Representing a departure from the traditional episode format, this episode highlights the characters’ personalities, from Yukari’s fascination with SEAL gear and the first-years’ hitherto unexpected taste in the macabre. Fun and simple, this  short OVA is worthwhile, if only for the fact that our characters’ mannerisms outside of Panzerfahren is depicted. Finally, the second OVA will be released in three days, on February 22, 2013.

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