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Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu Original Soundtrack- English title track listing

Released on January 24, 2010, the original soundtrack to the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi was performed by the Eminence Symphony Orchestra and produced by Satoru Kousaki. The soundtrack caught my eye a year and a half after it was released: it was during early August 2011 when I chanced upon the Suzumiya Haruhi universe. Featuring beautiful orchestral elements, I came across the soundtrack when I was hunting down Bouken Desho Desho? on Youtube. Seemingly by fate, I came across READY? and soon, found myself pulled towards the movie. Here, I provide the internet’s sole translation for the movie’s track listing, which, for some reason, has not been put into English even after all this time following its release.

  • For what it’s worth, Yuki Nagato’s movie incarnation remains my favourite character throughout the entire series. Presented as an ordinary girl harbouring feelings for Kyon, she is a central character and addresses the question of what might have happened if Kyon’s choices were different. My own desire to see more of this alternate continuity led me to pick up The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan, a hugely heartwarming series I consider to surpass the original TV series in quality.

Disc One

  1. Itsumono Fuukei Kara Hajimaru Monogatari (The story begins with the usual scenery)
  2. SOS dan Kurisumasu partei (SOS Brigade Christmas Party)
  3. Dotabata ・Taimu (Noisy Time)
  4. Nichijou no Sakini Machiukeru Mono (Everyday Things that lie ahead)
  5. Asakura Ryoko Toiu Josei (A Woman named Ryoko Asakara)
  6. Fuan Kara Kyoufu he (Fear from Anxiety)
  7. Uragirareta Kitai (Betrayed Expectations)
  8. Kodoku Sekai no Hirogari (Lonely World’s Spread)
  9. Kankyouhenka no Zehi (Pros and Cons of Environmental Changes)
  10. Suzumiya Haruhi no Tegakari (Haruhi Suzumiya’s trail)
  11. Hayaru Kokoro to Maeni Denai Ashi (Popular Spirit and Feet that won’t Leave)
  12. Tsunagatta Kioku (Bonded Memories)
  13. SOS dan Futatabi (SOS Brigade Once Again)
  14. READY?
  15. Ano Nichi no Kioku wo Oikakete (Chasing the memory of that day)
  16. Michibiku Josei no Kataru Kotoba (Having words with the Female Guide)
  17. Mirai heno Sokuseki (Footprints from the Future)
  18. Jimunopedei Dai 2 Ban (Gymnopédie no. 2)
  19. Nagato Yuki no Kokoro Niarumono (In Yuki Nagato’s Heart)
  20.  Jikoishiki no Kakunin (Awakening Self-Conciousness)
  21. Rekishi no Tenkan Ten (The turning point in history)
  22. Futatabi Deae ta Dan’in-Tachi (Meeting Brigade members once again)
  23. Itsumono Fuukei de Owaru Monogatari (The story ends with the usual scenery)

  • The soundtrack is totally pro, but there are some subtle elements that will, under conditions with a great deal of ambient noise, will be drowned out. I suggest listening to the soundtrack with Bose headphones or somewhere where the quiet, poignant elements of the soundtracks can be heard.

Disc 2

  1. Gymnopédie no. 1
  2. Gymnopédie no. 2
  3. Gymnopédie no. 3
  4. Gnossienne no. 1
  5. Gnossienne no. 2
  6. Gnossienne no. 3
  7. Je te veux (I want you)

  • If Kyoto Animation had produced a series solely about Yuki and her hitherto unbidden feelings for Kyon, and their subsequent realisation of these emotions, I would pick that up in a heartbeat. That said, I doubt such an anime will ever be produced.

The soundtrack completely blew me away; I immediately realised that this was the standard that I had been long hoping to see in an anime film. In a short time frame, I shot through the first and second seasons, including Endless Eight, to reach the movie: I would begin watching the movie on a Friday afternoon, following research and prior to a LAN party that I presently retain fond memories of (an epic thunderstorm, grill burgers and Halo Reach defined that evening). However, I am not here to reflect on that glorious August day, nor am I here to review the movie (which, incidentally, is one of the best I’ve seen: a proper review can be found on my website).

  • Kyon’s choice reflects on his own desires for a world where a lack of normal is the norm. Thus, he rejects the possibility of getting to know this shy, soft-spoken Yuki better in favour of the chaos that exists wherever Haruhi is around.

Instead, I am here to praise the soundtrack for complementing the scenes in the movie so well: each track appears to be finely crafted to accentuate the moods throughout the movie, whether it be the strings and crescendos of Haruhi Suzumiya’s trail as Kyon rushes off to Kouyouen School, having figured out where Haruhi went, or the hopeful, yet uncertain motifs in READY? prior to Kyon making his decisions. My favourite track presently is In Yuki Nagato’s Heart, a melancholic and wistful song that mirror’s Yuki’s weariness from everything that has presently occurred and her desires to lead a normal life. As a parting remark, this is the only English translation of the soundtrack: all the other sources I’ve visited have the romanised track names.

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