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Tari Tari and True Tears

Tari Tari was released around eight months ago, and to the best of my recollection, I did not notice or mention the fact that True Tears would make a very subtle appearance in this series in the form of a choral piece that is heard in the first episode. The opening song to True Tears, Reflectia (by eufonius), has rapidly become one of my favourite opening songs of all time, despite having been in my knowledge for only a week. There is something about the composition of the song that contributes to its appeal: performed by Riya, the lyrics of the song are clear and captures the emotions the viewers can reasonably expect from the anime.

  • A choral version of Reflectia is available on the Tari Tari music album; I was not aware of the significance of this scene until I had watched True Tears: at the time of writing, I am done all episodes but the finale.

  • Tari Tari has its own share of excellent songs, of course, including Melody of the Heart (on the second disk of the music album) and The Road to Tomorrow (A duet by Sawa and Taichi on the Diving and Swaying Character Mini Album).

Complemented by a combination of an electronic beat and piano, the moods of the song (and by extension, the anime) are strongly established, whether it be in the melancholic or upbeat moments. These elements come together to produce one of the most elegant and pleasing opening songs I’ve heard in opening songs for a while, and lies right up there with Lia’s performance of My Soul, Your Beats! (Angel Beats!) and Toki wo Kizamu Uta (CLANNAD After Story) on my personal list of best anime opening songs.

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