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Girls und Panzer OVA 3 releases on March 22

If you’re interested in more screenshots from the OVA itself, click here!

Having recalled that the final episodes to Girls und Panzer will release on March 18 and March 25, it comes as very little surprise that the third and final OVA, titled School Ship War, will release on March 22. As per the episode title, this OVA will be released with the third volume and primarily focus on the massive super-carriers in the Girls und Panzer universe. Thanks to a bit of magic, I was able to acquire some preview screenshots for the OVA.

  • The systems providing propulsion and energy for the Ooarai vessels will be explored in the third OVA. It appears that solar panels provide some proportion of the energy for the vessel: whatever is powering essential functions on the vessel would likely be used to capacity to keep the ship operational, hence the need for supplementary energy. Given the sheer size of the vessel, and the fact that it emits next to no pollution, it would not  be unreasonable to assume that the vessel is powered by next-generation sources (such as Minovsky Particles, for instance). I rule out nuclear power because its usage is a touchy subject for most.

  • This episode looks to focus a great deal on the logistics behind maintaining a vessel of this magnitude. An indoor agriculture system is presented here, accounting for some of the self-sufficient characteristics of the school vessels. The vessel is large enough to accommodate full-scale agriculture sections for vegetables and grains. I imagine that meat is probably imported, given the amount of resources required to farm livestock.

  • I find this miniature version of the vessel to be quite a nice touch. I’m not certain if this episode will disclose the sizes of the other vessels, but if they do, I’m certain that my own predictions previously will be reasonably accurate (that is, to within five percent).

  • Strangely enough, high school girls appear to comprise the entirety of the bridge crew of the Ooarai school ship, and the captain is their school’s principle. Meanwhile, curious parties have wondered what’s happening with Mako in the first panel: Mako experiences vertigo, to the girls’ surprise. This image was condensed to fit on the page: clicking on it will yield the full resolution image.

This particular OVA is of great interest, especially seeing as I did a post on the massive size of the school vessels back in late January (when I was supposed to be writing a paper, no less) comparing the Ooarai vessel to the UNSC Infinity. Back then, I stated that Forerunner technology was required to make the Infinity possible, and that there would be substantial structural elements involved.

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