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Gundam Unicorn- Two Worlds, Two Tomorrows Initial Thoughts

I’m almost certain some of our readers are curious to see some screenshots from the newly-released sixth episode to Gundam UC, titled Two Worlds, Two Tomorrows. This episode represents a departure from the combat-filled sequences of the previous episodes, instead, providing more plot-relevant elements through discussion. In this episode, the final destination is revealed to be Magallanica, or the Snail, a colony builder structure at Industrial Seven. This speculation has existed on my website since episode five came out; this final revelation confirms said speculation. The episode is thus, predominatly focused on the characters voicing their backgrounds, motivations, and intentions.

  • Watching episode six in HD was most pleasant: this image captures the amount of details present in every scene, whether it be mobile suit combat or discussions amongst the characters. The only part of this episode that comes across as inconsistent is the short scene from Char’s Counterattack: I personally felt that it would have been nice to refresh that scene with modern graphics, but I suppose that would have pushed the episode release time out even further.

  • Fans have been itching to see Audrey/Mineva in the Zeon uniform for quite a while: she looks regal and quite well-suited for her role as the Zeon princess in this scene. This episode was very much driven by characterisations, especially with Mineva, Zinnerman, Marida and even Full Frontal, whose portrayals paint them more solidly as human beings rather than merely “the bad guys”.

That is not to say that combat is completely absent from the episode: the first five minutes illustrates the outcome of Full Frontal’s assault on the General Revil (and just how overpowered the Sinanju is). In addition, we also see the Tri-Stars engage the Garencieres, which subsequently self-destructs. Last but not least, Riddhe is now the pilot of the Banshee, which features an awesome new loadout that is rather more suited for the UC Universe.

  • To many a viewer, the substitution of the Banshee with a Beam Magnum and the “Armed Armour “, a backpack-mounted shield that improves the Banshee’s performance, is most welcome. The unit has not activated its NT-D yet, but I imagine it may do so come the finale. For curious parties, Riddhe looks considerably more aged, compared to his first appearance, reflecting on how much the events of the past few episodes have changed him.

  • That’s right: Full Armour Unicorn makes an appearance in this episode, and it is glorious. However, it appears that the FA Unicorn will not engage in the final battle between Banagher and Full Frontal: recently, a Master Grade Unicorn Gundam with the Armed Armour equipment was announced, implying that this will be the final version of the Unicorn Gundam. In this case, aside from its certain fight with the Banshee, it is possible that the FA Unicorn may also engage Angelo’s Rozen Zulu.

The episode ends with Banagher clashing swords with Riddhe. While I am disappointed in the latter’s whiskey-delta motivations for taking up arms, I imagine he and Banagher will resolve their differences in time to take on Angelo and Full Frontal in the finale. The seventh episode has been announced to release somewhere during Spring 2014, a year from this point. My only expectations at this point are that the OVA wrap things up more cleanly than do the novels, and avoid deviating from the realism we’ve been treated to thus far. As per usual, I’ll aim to get a review written at the main website later, but for now, do enjoy the few screenshots I’ve provided here.

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