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Survival War!

The Ooarai girls go on a camping trip. After setting up tents and going for a swim, Yukari offers her selection of rations with the others, only for everyone to opt for barbecue instead. The freshmen end up burning everything, but the student council manage to salvage the meal.

  • The whole point of this camping trip is supposedly to bolster team spirits. Because this episode is very light-hearted and generally relaxed in nature, I have nothing to really add to any of the scenes. Like last time, I’ll throw in the odd 007-style one-liner and that’ll be about it.

  • As per usual, the first years jump head-first into a situation (in this case, a body of water of some sort), while the older students are rather more reserved. The festivities around this episode end up surpassing those of the previous OVA.

  • After Yukari’s attempts to get everyone into setting up zeltbahn tents fails at Miho’s hands, Yukari bursts into tears. This moment is remarkably heartwarming. 

  • The history club clearly has the coolest gear out of everyone, but given the atmosphere this episode evokes, I imagine such attire to be somewhat uncomfortable in the temperatures. Thus, cool is not necessarily cool, and being cool is not sufficient to be cool.

  • This is one of those few, rare moments where Momo is seen smiling. Viewers who were left feeling shafted by the turn of events in the last OVA will be quite pleased to know that the weather in this one stays nice. Prime examples follow in the next few screenshots.

  • Yukari’s spirits return when she brings out a collection of rations from a diverse range of nations. I’m not sure how long rations can keep for, but one thing is certain: the Student Council’s suggestions about a BBQ are rather more appealing.

  • Exasperated Miho is particularly endearing; she is responding to the first years’ misinterpretation between ‘simulation’ and ‘ration’. From an English perspective, there’s really no way of mixing those two terms up, but in Japanese, the pronunciations are sufficiently similar, leading to this scene here.

  • The first years spam the word spam to vivid imagery, much to Azusa’s indignation. They subsequently express total shock at the extreme cost of the rations: cost is directly proportional to taste, and we are treated to a short trivia section on the history of rations.

  • I felt like including this image because it is the second time Yukari sheds some tears, albeit in response to onions. Cutting onions damages their cells releases enzymes called alliinases that break down amino acid sulfoxides to generate sulfenic acids. A specific sulfenic acid, 1-propenesulfenic acid, is rapidly acted on by a second enzyme, the lachrymatory factor synthase (LFS), giving syn-propanethial-S-oxide, a volatile gas known as the onion lachrymatory factor or LF. This gas diffuses through the air and soon reaches the eye, where it activates sensory neurons, creating a stinging sensation. The tear glands respond by producing tears in order to dilute and flush out the irritant.

  • Yukari explores a complex, roundabout way of cooking rice here. For the record, using an electric rice cooker is the only way of cooking rice for me. Rice accompanies almost all of my evening meals, and for the curious, I am quite capable of eating rice with a NES controller.

  • The first years start a mega-fire when their food ignites.

  • After the first years somehow cause a flare-up, wrecking some of the food, Anzu steps in and demonstrates that besides being pro at getting the headshot, she’s also pro at cooking.

  • I’m going to start a fist fight somewhere when I say that I do not agree with the translation of itadakimasu (Literally “I humbly receive”) as rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub, given that such a translation crudely destroys the original meaning. Owing the inherent difficulties in its translation, I would probably say that thank you for the food is the best possible translation if one were to translate it entirely into English.

  • We find out that cooking is one of Anzu’s hobbies: a rather useful skill in general. 

  • The episode ends with the girls admiring the infinite beauty of the cosmos. Because I live in suburbia, street lights dominate and as such, I cannot see anything beyond magnitude 5 starts with the naked eye. The Milky War is invisible to the naked eye where I am, requiring that I break out the binoculars to see it.

  • It is not unreasonable to assume that this episode occurs immediately after the first OVA, between episodes nine and ten.

The second of the OVAs is roughly 10 minutes in length and thus, acts in the same manner as did the previous OVA, Water War!, being light-hearted and fun to watch. The irony here is that there’s more water and more swimsuits than in the previous episode. At its core, this is a camping episode with a great number of Monty Python references thrown in, especially concerning the spam.

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