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Girls und Panzer OVA 4 releases on April 22

The fourth BD volume will include OVA 4: titled “Angler War”, its focus will be on the ever-dreaded Anglerfish Dance, which was featured exactly twice in the series thus far: once in episode four, after Ooarai loses to St. Gloriana in an elimination practise match, and once in episode nine, as Miho decides to give her fellow team mates a morale boost. This OVA is expected to release on April 22, right before my finals begin.

I assure all readers that this next OVA probably won’t generate as long a discussion as the previous two, but for the present, I cannot keep any promises, as things may rapidly change. For parties sufficiently brave to actually try and re-enact the Anglerfish dance, below is a chart of all the steps.

  • As per usual, clicking on the image will bring up the full resolution, and below are the lyrics translated into English for anyone brave enough interested in trying the song and dance out for themselves.

A-a-an, an, a-a-an, an
A-a-an, a-a-an, an, an, an

I want to meet that girl and will cross this sea
The light on my head is my sign of love
Burning, scorching and swaying
Burning, scorching and swaying

Come here, an, an
Don’t run, an, an
Shaking the waves, an, an, an
Let’s meet tomorrow on that beach nearby

Your light is the light of love
Tempting, teasing and sparkling
Tempting, teasing and sparkling

I love you, an, an
Don’t cry, an, an
It’s OK now, an, an, an

Your body is hot and warm
Your light’s a bit of a bother
Cooking boiling steam, steamy
Cooking boiling steamy, steamy

The piping hot pot
Piping, hot and delicious
Hot in soy sauce with miso…

The Anglerfish dance was inspired by the trademark fish of Ooarai, a town located in Higashiibaraki District, Ibaraki, Japan. As of 2003, the town has an estimated population of 19,606. Even before Girls und Panzer, Ooarai attracts 3 million visitors a year. Tourist attractions include bathing beaches, yacht and cruiser marina, marine sports, camping site, fishing, aquarium, a famous golf course and the Ooarai Isozaki Jinja (Shrine).

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