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Gundam 00- Rebirth

In the final confrontation between Setsuna and Ribbons, the 00-Raiser is heavily damaged by Ribbons and the other Innovators; however, assistance from the other Meisters evens the odds. In the ensuing chaos, Allelujah/Hallelujah and Lockon respectively kill Hilling and Revive while Ribbons and Setsuna are exhausted from a round of heavy fighting. However, Ribbons manages to steal one of the 00’s GN Drives, which was 0 Gundam’s, and puts it into the abandoned 0 Gundam. Setsuna, in turn, takes the remaining GN Drive and installs it in the rebuilt Exia R2. After another difficult duel, Ribbons and Setsuna run through each other with their swords but Setsuna emerges the victor when the 0 Gundam explodes. In the epilogue, the Federation reforms as its new president disbands the A-Laws and pushes for better global peace; Saji and Louise rekindle their relationship; Allelujah and Marie leave Celestial Being to search for the meaning of their existence; Andrei Smirnov stays in the military to preserve peace like his parents; Patrick Colasour and Kati Mannequin (now a brigadier general) get married; Klaus and Shirin work as politicians in the Federation Assembly; Marina returns with the children to lead a rebuilt Azadistan; Graham Aker is seen visiting Billy Katagiri in his office. As for Setsuna and Lyle, the latter now fully embracing his identity as Lockon, the two leave with Celestial Being until another armed intervention is needed as Tieria disappears into Veda to watch over the world.

  • Technically, it’s been a little more than four years since the finale was released: the original episode was released on March 29 in 2009, but owing to other commitments, I have not had the chance to reflect on the thoughts this episode evoked. 

  • For a brief period of time, I desired to purchase the HG Reborns Gundam to compliment my 00 Raiser, although my interest in Gunpla occurred too late, and by the time I tried to buy it, most shops (online and local) were sold out.

  • Initially, I had assumed that the Reborns Gundam did not have a proper Twin-Drive system and dismissed it as an element the community was making up. However, pursuing original documentation using my newly-minted Japanese reading skills reveals this is indeed the case, and in fact,  seemingly dubious claims about a show generally hold true because some individuals are able to access and translate original content.

  • This particular scene was impressive four years ago, and remains impressive now: Hallelujah shreds Hilling Care’s Garazzo without much effort, all the while noting that the latter’s over-dependence on Veda was ultimately their downfall.

  • The Reborns is supposedly inspired by the Guncannon, Guntank and the Nu Gundam as a call-out to the fact that Ribbons is voiced by Tohru Furuya, who had also voiced Amuro Ray in the original Gundam.

  • Lockon pulls off a brilliant maneuver by feigning destruction, and at the last second, uses his remaining second of stored energy to enter trans-am and get behind Revive’s Gadessa, allowing him to shoot it down with the Cherudim’s last GN Pistol II. Note that two fingers on the manipulator are missing here, meaning Lockon would have had to grab the pistol upside-down.

  • Setsuna causes critical damage to the Reborns, as Ribbons slices off one of the 00 Raiser’s GN Drives. I’ve heard somewhere that the beam sabre on the Reborns was powerful enough to chip the GN Sword III on contact, although despite having watched the episode multiple times in 1080p, I can say that no such thing actually happens.

  • For the record, the Master Grade 00 Gundam has beautiful details surpassing those in the anime. When I remove one of the 00’s GN drives, the sheer amount of detail shown is nothing short of impressive.

  • The recoloured O Gundam is virtually the same unit as the RX-78-II save for minor cosmetic differences and the former’s usage of a GN Drive over a Minovsky reactor.

  • Gundam 00 is noted as one of the first Gundam series to ever feature a direct downgrade in the combatant’s suits, more so for the fact that it occurs mid-engagement. The restored Exia R2 is beautiful, taking on the same armour as the current generation Gundams and being equipped with the GN Sword Kai.

  • Having seen Char’s Counterattack, I finally understand why this scene caused such a big splash in the Gundam community: Char attempts to hit the Nu Gundam in the exact same manner in their final duel over Axis, and the effective damage is the same.

  • Setsuna gets a beam sabre to the Exia’s cockpit, melting away his view screens and exposing him to the vacuum of space. Unfazed, Setsuna prepares for one final charge forwards.

  • While Ribbons discards his shield and powers up his beam sabre (yet another call out to the original Gundam), Setsuna responds by merely switching the GN Sword Kai to sword mode, releasing the limiters on his GN Drive and rushing forwards.

  • The two suits collide in a spectacular flash of light.

  • When the dust settles, the O Gundam is destroyed and explodes, taking its GN Drive with it. This final battle is one long-time Gundam fans have greatly enjoyed: rather than the customary shouting of conflicting moral viewpoints during battle, the O Gundam vs. Exia fight is characterised by its lack of words: the guns and swords do all of the talking.

  • The force of the explosion blows the Exia into space, and the flower Feldt had previously given to Setsuna floats out of the cockpit. This entire final scene is set to Ayumi Tsunematsu’s Tomorrow, a beautiful, yet simple song.

  • After the dust settles , the epilogue begins to roll. I believe this is one of the few epilogues that feature two major songs, the inset song Unlimited Sky from Tommy Heavenly6, and L’Arc-en-Ciel’s Daybreak’s Bell.

  • Contrasting the first season’s bittersweet ending, the second season ends on a decidedly more upbeat note, with the world finally being unified without an autonomous peace force imposing draconian measures on dissenting parties.

  • Fans would have been rather pleased to see this ending, and perhaps more so from the fact that Patrick Colasour has matured from a hotshot in season one to a rather more skilled pilot in season two.

  • Louise and Saji act as a more realistic, cautionary note to the victory, and how Celestial Being will act again should the world fall into disarray from internal or external forces.

  • March 29, 2009 would mark the last time I would watch Gundam 00 until December 2011, when the movie would finally make its way onto the BluRay and DVD market. Between that time, I would find myself picking up Gundam Unicorn.

Four years ago, I was in the midst of learning calculus for the first time. The concepts became vastly more clear to me at around this time of year, and I would later regain my old flair for mathematically-driven materials shortly after. Gundam 00 represents the end of secondary school for me, having aired the same year I would finish my final year and graduate onwards to post-secondary education. Despite the formal conclusion of Gundam 00 for that era, I would frequently rewatch the final fight between Ribbons and Setsuna as they strove to set the path to their own visions of the future. This finale episode was (and still is) remarkably fun to watch: on my website, I noted the sheer audacity of the battle sequences, the lecturing on moral standards and so on. However, time has conferred additional wisdom, and while the character’s motivations are not as meaningful as they once were, the episode (and by extension, the entire series) remains fun to watch, the single most important criteria I have for anime. The ending of the episode left viewers with the promise of a new movie, then to be released at an unspecified point in the future. Presently, Gundam 00 remains an enjoyable watch: the animation has not diminished even compared to present-day anime (except for Gundam Unicorn), and the episodes themselves bring back an air of nostalgia distinctly reminiscent of my days as a secondary school student.

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