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Tamayura – More Aggressive to premiere in July

For new viewers, Tamayura is an anime about Fuu Sawatari and her interest in photography, a hobby inspired by her father’s old Rollei 35S film camera. Fuu tries her best to make friends early on: spurred on by her childhood friend Kaoru Hanawa, she quickly becomes friends with two other girls, Maon Sakurada and Norie Okazaki. The second season, with the tagline More Aggressive, is set to release during the summer 2013 time-frame and introducing Kanae Mitani to the cast.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the first season when it released back in Fall 2011. The second season has been long anticipated and will prove to be a most enjoyable one from a personal perspective, although given that Tamayura is a healing anime, it may not be suited for everyone’s interests.

  • Kanae goes to the same high school as Fuu and shares the latter’s interest in photography. Wielding a Pentax Q camera, Kanae is voiced by Ai Kayano (Saori Takebe in Girls und Panzer) and tends to overthink things.

The title, More Aggressive, suggests that the series is prima facie taking a step away from its role as a healing anime. However, fans might be forgiven for their assumptions: we casually note that from season one,  Chihiro and Fuu note the desire to be more aggressive with respect to handling situations and addressing people. In this context, aggression is equivalent to ‘confidence’: simply put, the girls want to be more confident in their actions, contrasting the uncertainness they experience from time to time.

One response to “Tamayura – More Aggressive to premiere in July

  1. Moonlitasteria April 14, 2013 at 18:57

    Definitely looking forward to seeing the 2nd season. Fell instantly in love three years ago with OVA’s and first season, so I am happy to seeing it return. I actually enjoyed the dream-like and healing aspect of the previous productions, but okay with them trying to at least ground it into reality. Should be fun to see how it plays out in the slice-of-life arena.


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