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Summer 2013 Anime

We’re not even a month into the Spring 2013 session yet, and thoughts have already turned towards the anime to begin airing in July 2013. As noted in my previous post, the highlight of the summer is Tamayura ~Futatose~, a continuation of the ~Hitotose~, which aired back in Fall 2011. I haven’t even settled into a consistent pattern of watching anime for the Spring 2012 session, having spent the entirety of April (until now) on a thesis project. Thus, my current goal is to decisively determine what series are worth my while this term, and begin catching up, as I’ve fallen behind on all the series.

It is business as usual, then, as I pick and choose the anime that presently hold my interest; as before, I’ll return and add/remove things from the list of shows that I may or may not watch.

Tamayura ~More Aggressive~

The second season of Tamayura: Hitotose, this sequel will be aired starting July 2013.

  • I came across the OVAs for Tamayura back in Summer 2011 and picked up the anime shortly after. As a whole, the series is laid-back and relaxing. Granted, no MCAT will darken summer 2013, but having an anime of this sort to watch will be most enjoyable.

3 responses to “Summer 2013 Anime

  1. ninetybeats April 16, 2013 at 12:35

    Looking at the chart, I don’t see too much promising series.
    Perhaps the Monogatari series, Blood Lad from Brains Base, Kamisama no Inai looks promising. The synopsis from Kamisama no Inai seems quite interesting. And a studio Ghibli film, can also be promising. Still a little bit early to know what will be interesting or not haha:p


  2. Moonlitasteria April 16, 2013 at 21:46

    You are actually on time. The PV’s for the Summer season are still rolling out or have done so weeks ago. I already have a few series in mind for Summer, but much like yourself, Tamayura ~Futatose is the highlight (need to finish my post for the previous seasons) along with Neptunia. Other series would have be: Blood Lad and some of the second season stuff (Highschool DXD mainly). Everything else I am not sure about even with the PV’s that are out.


  3. Artemis April 20, 2013 at 23:14

    That was fast. I can see there’s definitely a few things to look forward to in the summer line-up though – the new Sailor Moon series (my childhood!), Brothers Conflict (because Amnesia was god awful but I’m still hanging out for a decent reverse-harem show), and Servant x Service. Even if that one turns out quite dull, the anime fan in me can’t help but be happy that there’s another series coming out that’s going to have an adult female as the main character. A rarity indeed, particularly if they don’t reduce said character to fanservice gags.


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