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Girls und Panzer OVA 5 releases on May 28

The fifth Blu-Ray volume for Girls und Panzer is set for release on May 28, 2013, and with it, OVA 5, which is titled Snow War!. Given some of the images we’ve seen so far, it is not unreasonable to suppose that OVA 5 will focus on Erwin and Yukari’s friendship. It has been noted previously that the two share many similarities and interest, so it is hardly any surprise that they would get along so well. However, in the series proper, they only get to interact with one another during the battle against Pravda, when both are sent on a scouting mission.

  • As usual order of business, I will discuss OVA 5 as I have the previous ones. The fact that the battle with Anzio was not shown in the TV series and is not shown in the OVAs implies either it will be the focus of OVA 6, (which, if not-so-subtle patterns are to be trusted, will release late June) or it was so quick that showing it is superfluous.

From the images provided, Snow War! is set somewhere during/between episodes eight or nine. Expectations are presently straightforward: I am looking for greater exploration of the friendship between Yukari and Erwin. While we are on the topic of Blu-Ray 5, Yukari’s Tank Corner 5 will be featured here, as well, and as I did not say so last time, Yukari’s Tank Corner 4 is going to  be bundled with Blu-Ray 4.

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