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Anglerfish War!

The girls perform the Anglerfish dance in various localities around Ooarai.

  • For all parties, yes, the entire episode is set to Sasaki Sayaka’s Ankou Ondo. It’s beautifully animated, but the song is somewhat difficult to stomach.

  • Ooarai, if I have not yet mentioned this, is a town with an estimated population of 19,606. A cursory glance at this episode reveals a handful of locations that are in the town of Ooarai. For some of the more obvious locations, I’ve supplied links to Google Maps.

  • The volleyball club preforms their portion of the dance in front of Aqua World, a 19,800 square metre aquarium that houses 60 tanks, housing marine mammals at the aquarium include sea otters, California sea lions, and spotted seals.

  • This is probably a generic field somewhere in Ooarai. The town’s economy is centred around fishing and processing of marine products. It is hardly any surprise that there are so many marine wildlife motifs in the area.

  • My limited patience and the fact that Google Street View is not totally ubiquitous in the Ooarai region precludes the possibility of finding all of the locations, especially the more obscure ones. If memory serves, the Ankou Matsuri (Anglerfish Festival) is a real festival: the last one was held on November 18, 2012, in Ooarai.

  • The remainder of the episode becomes one long montage illustrating the different members of the Ooarai Panzerfahren team dancing in different areas.

  • The girls even end up dancing inside the Ooarai Marine Tower, a 60-meter high structure that offers a good view of the Ooarai area. Admissions are 330 yen for adults and 160 yen for children.

  • However, I’m not about to scroll through gigabytes of map data to find the exact bridge that the history club dances on. That task will be left as an exercise to individuals who live in the region and actually know where stuff is.

  • I believe this is one of the hotels near the aquarium (from the kanji), although this is pure guesswork. One thing’s for sure: the creators placed a lot of effort into ensuring the backgrounds were realistic.

  • This image depicts the area in front of Ooarai Station. The dolphin statue and the design of the station are replicated down to the brick. The anime has done much to bolster the already strong tourism industry in the area. On this side of the world, tourism sees a similar increase wherever celebrity figures visit. A year ago, when the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge visited my town, tourism rates sky-rocketed.

This OVA is on the short side: a total of 3 minutes and 50 seconds, only 2 minutes and 57 seconds of the episode is actually content, with the remainder of the episode being the opening and ending sequences. Whereas I had anticipated an episode about the history of the anglerfish dance, I was painfully subjected treated to the full length of the anglerfish song. The inclusion of various locations in and around Ooarai was a nice touch, although I’m not about to try and find all of the areas.

3 responses to “Anglerfish War!

  1. ninetybeats April 26, 2013 at 01:28

    This looks pretty damn cute haha:p
    Feels like Ooarai wanted a promotion video.


  2. oldskoolpunk August 10, 2013 at 23:55

    “However, I’m not about to scroll through gigabytes of map data to find the exact bridge that the history club dances on.”

    OK, for sheer completeness, here’s the remaining tour guide info:

    It’s the bridge to Ōarai’s shrine:
    The steps they dance on also lead to the shrine:
    The ocean-front benches they start their dance in front of are south of Aqua World:
    And, inevitably, they finish up at Resort Outlets Ōarai, in the parking lot:

    Resort Outlets Ōarai appears so many times in this anime they should have a credit.


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