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Girls und Panzer Movie Announced

2014 is expected to see the release of the Girls und Panzer movie, a sequel to the Girls und Panzer anime; this announcement was made at the Heartful Tank Carnival event. The project has been authorised, and is expect to introduce Nishi Kinuyo (Chihatan’s commander) formally. Information beyond this has been restricted to speculation, and is outside the scope of discussion: in other words, I will not attempt to speculate on what the movie is about, or provide any insight on what I think might happen. On a completely unrelated note, we now know that there will be an OVA depicting Ooarai’s annihilation of Anzio.

  • Believe it or not, I’ve been waiting for an excuse to field this image in one of my posts for a very long time. Unlike the K-On! Movie, I resolve not to entangle myself in lesser discussions about the movie’s quality in parts of the website where I do not have administrative access. I was remarkably surprised to hear such an announcement this quickly following the series’ finale; granted, Gundam 00 immediately made it obvious that there was going to be a continuation, but other anime movies do not always make it clear that they will gain sequels in the form of more TV seasons or movies.

My own thoughts on this are that a movie acts as both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, there is only one instance where I would have to step in and watch, contrasting the need to keep up every week with the series. However, movies are only accessible once the Blu-Ray and DVD releases, meaning that only a handful of individuals with the means to view them will be able to see said movie. This occurred with the K-On! Movie back in 2011; after the movie was released, crude machine translations of the movie’s events in bullet-point form were posted online, and along with these translations, so-called ‘spoiler-free reviews’. Paired with a long wait time until the majority can view said movie, these few sources may present individuals with biases and preconceptions, which may in turn affect perspectives on the movie.

  • In 2012, K-On! was in the spotlight, and in 2013, Girls und Panzer currently occupies that spotlight. Truth be told, it is very tiring to continuously keep up with all of the information; one might correctly say that tracking anime news is not worthwhile. In light of this, I plan on taking the blog in a different direction in the near future. This is not to say I am abandoning anime, but rather, I will be posting a greater volume of posts concerning other materials, as well.

These risks notwithstanding, a movie is greatly anticipated and addresses the query of whether or not there will be future work decisively. With a projected release date at some point in 2014, we expect a DVD release anywhere from late 2014 to some time during 2015; this time frame is so distant that Gundam UC will have completed. My typical approach to movies is to wait until the Blu-Rays or DVDs are released before completing a review, but given the vast difference in time between now and the release, I cannot guarantee that I will or will not review the movie.

8 responses to “Girls und Panzer Movie Announced

  1. Moonlitasteria April 28, 2013 at 19:53

    Something was telling me they were going to show the Anzio match, but whatever the movie is about is also intriguing. Sadly, as you say, it will be a wait for the majority of us, since we have to wait on the DVD/BD to be released. I am still desperately waiting to the Hanasaku Iroha movie that was not too long ago released, but might not be until who knows when an official release is due. However, if it is something you are really interested in, all you can do is wait.

    As for following anime news, it is sort of worthwhile, depending on if what you are trying to keep track interest you. With all the information that gets released on different projects, it is nearly impossible to keep track of them all.


    • infinitezenith April 28, 2013 at 20:05

      I am amongst that majority, so fear not. The Hanasaku Iroha movie is likely to release in October 2013 (if the 6-8 month trend holds here), and I will probably do a post on it then 🙂

      Owing to recent circumstances, I have been presented an opportunity to step back from the anime community and invest my time in graphics-intensive gaming (think games like Metro: Last Light). In all likelihood, I will keep an eye on Girls und Panzer, just at a lower frequency than I had previously


      • Moonlitasteria April 28, 2013 at 20:39

        Hopefully, that trend is true. Been waiting for awhile to see it.

        Really? If you have the opportunity, might be best to take it. I have been really getting myself re-interested in the gaming sector, especially with some of the titles that showed up on GOG and Desura. (Yeah, especially interested in picking up Metro: Last Light). It will be while until any new information surfaces, so the lower frequency look out is alright. If anything, your remark about Gundam UC finishing up first, would accurate, lol.


  2. Historynerd May 17, 2013 at 06:23

    If someone did bother to read the manga, it’s proof enough to guess that what we’ll see in the OVA is not quite the annihilation battle hinted in the series.
    My guess is that, other than having time constraints, they couldn’t find enough info in time on Italian tanks, so they made a scene that suggested a total defeat and also put a lot of smoke. Now they are correcting it, and I think we’re going to see a more balanced battle. Even if Anzio is still at disadvantage (those goddamn Carro Veloce tankettes make me cry), they have enough firepower to punch some holes in Ooarai’s armor plates. Don’t underestimate them.


    • infinitezenith May 21, 2013 at 19:42

      Aside from Little Army, the manga’s status as canon is questionable at best. I will take a look, but as for expectations, I will leave that to the release of the actual episode to decide whether or not I can use the term “completely annihilated”. This simple matter of semantics, thus, will simply have to wait until a more appropriate time to be addressed.


      • Historynerd June 26, 2013 at 13:49

        I concur on the canonicity thing, also because the battle locations in the anime and in the manga seem to be quite different.
        Still, as Kazuaki Shimazaki pointed out, Anzio still has some cards to play. In the manga, despite destroying all but one (if I’m correct) of Anchovy’s tanks, Ooarai lost two tanks (Rabbit team, taken out by the P40, and Duck team, hit by a M13/40), while another, the Char B1, was not eliminated but effectively crippled (tracks and turret taken out). And, right before Ooarai took down (by flanking) the P40 and the flag tank, Anchovy was preparing to take down their own flag tank, the StuG III.
        I think it’s an acceptable result, even accounting for all the weaknesses in Anzio’s team. And, even if it still ends with a clear-cut Ooarai victory, it’s not a curbstomp battle; Anchovy and her girls did their best. That’s all I’m asking.


        • infinitezenith June 26, 2013 at 14:07

          That’s not an unreasonable request. Bear in mind that (I think that) a worthwhile OVA depiction would need to be at least 15 minutes long, ignoring the opening and ending songs. Thus, if your predictions (or similar) end up being realised to some extent, we should have a satisfying OVA.


    • Kazuaki Shimazaki June 1, 2013 at 21:45

      I have read the manga, and frankly, in that arc they deviated from the anime (which definitely has a higher canonicity) so much it can no longer be defended as a mere POV change or detail add even by the most generous depiction. Basically, the effective canonicity of the manga died in that arc.

      Frankly, I like the All-None annihilation interpretation. As you note, while Anzio may be weaker overall, it still has the means to do some damage. If Oarai nevertheless kills them without any losses, it’ll show that by that point, they’ve grown to be a skilled enough team to dominate the lower half of the Senshado-ladder and are ready to begin challenging the big boys.

      Besides, Anzio is about the last chance for both Duck and Rabbit teams to score some conventional kills – after that the enemy armor quickly grows too strong for all but the most desperate maneuvers to succeed for Rabbit team (and Duck team may as well throw their gun away for all the good they can do with it).

      Let’s not ruin it for them, I say.


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