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Battlefield: Bad Company 2- Cold War

There we were, Bad Company. We were here in Russian territory to back up a US counter-intelligence operation. A simple support mission they said… Nothing’s ever really that simple though, is it? — Preston Marlowe

The setting changes from Operation Aurora to modern times, with Bravo-Two on a mission to extract a HVI in Northern Russia. Preston Marlowe and his squad move up from their position as Haggard clears out a minefield. Nearly stepping on a landmine, Redford saves Haggard, cautioning him to be more careful. The squad then moves out, ambushing a Russian patrol. The squad then moves out onto a frozen lake. There, they see a Russian executing the HVI, and his vehicle being transported away. Marlowe, with his sights on the Russian executor, has Redford request permission to engage. While waiting for permission to fire from the mission commander, Archangel, Marlowe becomes frustrated when the Russian leaves the area in a Mi-24 Hind. Command then gives Bravo-Two the go-ahead to engage the town, and the squad then proceeds to push through it, killing enemies and lazing a Russian MBT for an airstike. Hijacking the truck, the squad then proceeds to the rendezvous point, being chased by Quad-Bikes, Vodniks, and finally a Mi-28 Havoc Attack Helicopter. Marlowe is told to take out the Mi-28 using his grenade launcher to hit the pilot. The helicopter’s crash turns over the truck, and, after exiting the vehicle, the squad finds a box containing a component to the Russian superweapon. When they return to Base, General Braidwood tells them it’s a fake and that they need to get the information on the real weapon from Agent Aguire in Bolivia. He recruits them to the Special Activities Division and sends them on their way. Sweetwater becomes excited to be in the Special Forces by saying “Hell fucking yes!”, but Redford sees the situation as another postponement to his retirement.

  • The XM8 rifle is one of the most balanced weapons in the game, having medium accuracy, above average damage and a steady rate of fire. It has the XM320 grenade launcher attached and a red dot sight or 4x scope can be attached to the weapon. Its design makes it incredibly useful in almost all situations, allowing it to be paired with almost any weapon.

  • Ever wonder what the Chukchi Peninsula, located at the northeastern extremity of Asia, looks like? This mission sets the players here, in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, which became a location for tin mining in the 1940s. The region is characterised by desolate wilderness and is relatively dry.

  • Remember to take cover when hit and wait for health to recharge. There is no health indicator, but the screen will become covered with blood and fades to a monochrome if the player takes too much damage.

  • Three weapons can be unlocked in Cold War: The AN-94 assault rifle, the T194 shotgun and the Type 88 LMG. While the XM8 is can carry players through this entire mission, it is always a good idea to carry a secondary weapon suited for one’s preferred style (players who prefer close quarters will carry shotguns, for instance).

  • The first time I was here, the tank fired enough shells into the building to cause its collapse. Buildings remain viable cover, but it is important to keep on moving around to avoid getting hit, as walls will crumble away if they take enough damage.

  • There are explosive barrels and crates, as well as gas tanks, scattered through the missions. Shooting these first will take out a few enemies, or at the very least, reduce the number of things on the map that can injure the player.

  • Mounted guns can be found in most of the campaign missions: they are an immense threat to the player and can prematurely end the mission if they are not dealt with quickly enough. Of course, by the time players do clear a mounted gun position, there are usually no more things left to shoot at.

  • Players should’ve used the under-barrel grenade launcher to take down a GAZ-3937 Vodnik earlier in the mission, but here, the opportunity presents itself to practise using the grenade launcher exclusively to take down all the pursuing vehicles: grenades follow an arc, so one needs to aim above distant targets to ensure their rounds hit successfully.

  • The dialogue Haggard and Sweetwater exchange during this scene is quite comedic, although not all players will catch it in the midst of shooting at various things. There is a lot of blowing snow/fog in this mission, a trend that will continue in later missions, making it quite difficult to see where one is going at times.

  • The rail shooter distinctly feels like driving through the Rocky Mountains of Alberta by winter, although thankfully, in the case of the latter, I do not have half the Russian Army on my back.

The second mission in Bad Company 2, Cold War is aptly named for its setting, located in Chukotka, Russia, close to the Bering Strait. This mission is set in modern times and as such, brings back the mini-map and weapons HUD that FPS players have grown accustomed to. The mission brings back Bad Company and all of their eccentricities: this aspect really separates the Bad Company series from other modern military shooters in that other shooters are far more serious, while Bad Company features comedic exchanges between the squad’s members and their occasional conversations that extend well beyond the scope of their duties. When I first played this mission, the single highlight was hiding inside a building to evade fire from enemy armour. I was waiting for the airstrike to come online and had ducked inside a building for cover, but the armour began firing at my position and, a second later, I heard the dreaded groan of the building. Before I had realised what was happening, the building had collapsed, and I died instantly. My friend was observing at this point and reminded me that cover wasn’t permanant in Bad Company 2; in multiplayer, this means that people cannot camp inside buildings to snipe, as explosives and heavy weapons fire will make short work of said cover. It is here that the Frostbite 1.5 engine shines, as grenades take out chunks of wall on a building, and heavier weapons have the potential to collapse buildings. The mission concludes with another harrowing chase, giving players a chance to get used to their grenade launcher attachment (a useful tool throughout the entire game).

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