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Battlefield: Bad Company 2- Operation Aurora

Autumn 1944, Sea of Japan. Not long before the atomic bomb would bring an end to World War II. A small group of US commandos were sent in to extract a Japanese scientist with war-decisive information. On the 6th October, at 0600 hours, Operation Aurora commenced. Twenty minutes later it was over. The fate of Operation Aurora was kept from the public. All records were destroyed. It became a myth. This is what really happened that day. — Opening transcript

Operation Aurora is the first mission in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, beginning with Thomas Wyatt on a boat along with his squad members and Able squad moving through the Japanese shore defenses and bunkers. After avoiding sentries, Able squad is fired upon by a machine gun nest, and the crew is killed. The nest soon discovers Wyatt’s boat and shoots at them, forcing the four man squad to dive in the water, and forcing Wyatt to lose his Thompson SMG. As a joint US Army Air Corps/US Navy air raid begins, Wyatt surfaces, and moves to the shoreline adjacent to the trenches. He uses his knife to take out a guard while Faraday drowns another. Sarge passes Wyatt the second guard’s Type 100 once they get to the other side of the small wooden bridge. Wyatt then moves up into some trenches with McKee, clearing out Japanese AA gun emplacements, and then regroups with Sarge and Faraday who took the path above the trenches. They proceed to find the defecting Japanese scientist. Upon reaching the scientist, the squad hears a strange sound. The scientist says, “The Black Weapon – it’s starting. We’re dead men.” The Japanese cut off the squad’s original escape route, and they are forced to get to a sub on the other side of the island. They find two Type 95 Kuroganes and fight their way to the submarine base, with Wyatt defending them with mounted .30 caliber machine gun on the Kurogane he was in. They clear the base and board the sub. When they leave port they once again hear the strange sound, except this time it is much louder. As they look back to the island, they see a huge explosion that unleashes a massive tidal wave which engulfs the sub and kills the entire crew.

  • Bad Company 2 was released back in March 2010, around two years after I built my first machine. The ATI HD 2600 XT is unable to handle this game, so when I got it on sale back in April, I was unable to play it. This ended up being a double edged sword, as the time I didn’t spend playing was directed towards finishing my thesis work and studying for finals.

  • The Type 100 is the first gun the player uses in Bad Company 2. With a high rate of fire and effective damage, as well as generally clear iron sights, it is best suited for medium rage (its recoil reduces its effectiveness at longer ranges). In the trenches, players may opt to pick up and use the Type 5, a semi-automatic rifle with superior accuracy and reduced recoil compared to the Type 100 SMG. The weapon is useful for being able to drop enemies with a single shot, and is effective at longer ranges. Because it is paired with the Type 100, the loadout allows one to play through this mission reasonably quickly: the Type 100 is used at shorter ranges, and the Type 5 is used to pick off distant enemies.

  • The advantages of having a large screen and good video card becomes most apparent as the sun rises: I’ve opted to make links to all of the images such that they can be expanded upon.

  • This is the part where the Type 5 becomes the most useful: players should pick off the soldiers on the roofs from a comfortable distance before finding a vehicle. Despite Bad Company 2 being yet another FPS driven by mission objectives, I’m making it a point to almost saunter through missions, taking in the sights and sounds of the virtual world.

  • Aside from a combat knife, players also have hand grenades available to them: they are most useful at this point for taking out groups of enemies.

  • The Browning M1919 .30 caliber machine gun mounted on the Type 96 Kurogane is technically not supposed to be there, as the Imperial Army would not have had access to American weapons or ammunition. However, I’ll overlook that because it means playing a rail-shooter mission for a glorious few moments en route to the sub pens.

  • There is a lot of activity going on around me at this point, but all attention should be directed at the road, where infantry and other vehicles will appear and kill off careless players. The M1919 has infinite ammo and does not overheat, making it possible to keep the trigger down and spray destruction in all directions at all times.

  • After taking on a few ground soldiers at this point, the player will be given TNT to breach a door, Modern Warfare style.

  • One question has been posed before previously elsewhere on the internet: the mission itself is entirely fictional and does not resemble any real-world events in any way. With this said, the fact that it is fictional does not take away the fun factor in any way.

  • So ends my first gaming post. I will continue to do the same for the remainder of the missions in Bad Company 2, and as well, do the same for Crysis and Half-Life 2. To reassure the readers, I will continue blogging about anime (and other things) as I have previously; the only difference now is that there will be more posts about games.

I first played Battlefield: Bad Company 2 three years ago, on a rainy day in late August. By this point in my summer, I was thoroughly out of things to do for both research and lacked the inclination to play Halo 2, so I asked one of my friends if it would be alright for me to come over. He agreed, noting that there were two things he wished to show me. The first of these were, of course, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and the second was the online alternate reality game, Marble Hornets. He loaded Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on his computer, and I would subsequently go through the first four missions, including this one, before we turned the game off and pulled open YouTube to watch Marble Hornets. The first mission was unique from the others in that there is no HUD, and I asked my friend about ammunition and objectives. He replied that there was infinite ammunition for all of the weapons and was surprised that I preferred the Type 5 rifle over the Type 100 SMG. After beating the first few missions, I would not play this mission (or Battlefield: Bad Company 2, for that matter) for a few years, as my schedule precluded such a possibility. However, the construction of a new computer, paired with a chance Steam sale, has enabled me to visit Battlefield: Bad Company 2 once more. This time, I am playing the game at 1920-by-1080 on a 24-inch LCD screen (instead of 1280-by-1024 on a 17-inch CRT screen); the graphics by far surpass anything my previous system was capable of, and I stood in awe of just how detailed Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was. I realised that I had a mission to complete, though, and began making my way through the level with WWII-era weapons. The first mission is a reminder of the doomed mission that kicks off the events in Bad Company 2, setting the stage for what is to follow. Moreover, the mystery shrouding the “black weapon” gives an air of suspense, prompting players to move into the game and figure out what is going on.

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