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Battlefield: Bad Company 2- Upriver

Alright, so, a couple of months back we set up a relay off an old French weather satellite, hook into this Georgian milnet. Found out plenty, the dummy weapon was just part of it. Then these guys showed up. — Agent Aguire

At the start of the level, a storm comes in again. Redford tells Preston to take out a guard armed with a Type 88 Sniper quietly by crouching and knifing him. Once the guard is taken out, the squad finally locates Aguire, but he has been captured by Bolivian Militia and Russian soldiers. Sarge decides to gather intel from the command hut to find out where they are taking Aguire and has Preston snipe the guards during the thunder to conceal the noise. Haggard borrows Preston’s binoculars and uses them to spot targets for Preston to shoot at while Redford and Sweetwater infiltrate the base to get the intel. Once Sarge gets what they needed, the squad regroups and moves further in search of Aguire. As the squad walks through the jungle, Sweetwater nearly sets off a trip-wire, to which Haggard disarms. Sweetwater thanks him, and he responds with a gruff, “Look, I wasn’t raised in the suburbs, ya fricken mall rat!” Preston then disarms the next few traps in the area and the squad moves up towards a village. The squad takes out some Militia listening to the radio before moving along a cliff towards the next area. The squad comes up to another base, where Redford devises a plan of attack; they will jump down into the river and attack from the side. After the base is taken, everyone moves up the hill towards a recon position where they see Aguire again, still being taken away by the Militia. Two Russian Hinds fly overhead as the squad prepares to move through the village. Once Bravo-Two gets to the village, they become pinned down by a shielded KORD. Redford and Marlowe flank the HMG and kill the operator, along with other Militia in the area. They continue to move through the village until they reach a road where a Vodnik ambushes them. After Preston takes it out, they move on the road toward a old manor where Aguire is being taken. After pushing through the courtyard and destroying a BMD-3 that comes in, Preston then takes a MP-443 Grach from Redford and shoots the Russian soldier that is holding Aguire hostage. After being freed, Aguire tells the squad to head into the Andes to obtain intel on the superweapon from a French weather satellite.

  • The first time I was here, I somehow knifed the sentry in a fashion that alerted the guards below, causing me to fail the mission. The trick is stay crouched until the end, or if players have a suppressed weapon (like that SCAR-L I mentioned in Heart of Darkness), now would be the perfect time to use it.

  • This is hands down the best part of the mission: reminiscent of the scene in the movie Enemy at the Gates, where mortar fire is used to conceal the sniper shots, Marlowe is asked to conceal his fire using the thunder. The player automatically gets the QBU Type 88 rifle here: with high damage, high damage and a good firing rate, it is the best rifle in the campaign for long-range engagements. After all but two of the guards are taken down, it is possible to take the last two down with a single shot.

  • Foggy conditions and rain showers will quickly give way to sunshine as Bad Company move closer to Aguire’s position. There are several trip-wires after this part: triggering one will release a flare and alert the enemy to one’s position, but they are reasonably easy to spot and even easier to disarm.

  • Marlowe and company run alongside a narrow cliff wall: Sweetwater expresses his fear of heights here.

  • Redford notes that the militia are “dug in here like an Alabama tick,” a line from the movie Predator. If the player abstains from opening fire here and waits for a few moments, Sweetwater and Haggard will begin discussing philosophy.

  • After the player comes out of the river to attack the base from the side, a rocket will be fired at the guard tower, destroying it. Oddly enough, if the player quickly looks to see who fired the rocket, there is no one there. It can be assumed that Haggard would have fired, given that he is the demolitions expert in the squad and always had an AT4 with him in Battlefield: Bad Company.

  • Once the player gets to the top of this ridge, they are treated to a spectacular view, complete with a pair of HINDS flying about. I recommend having the Type-88 rifle for convenience at this point.

  • I prefer sniping the militia from a distance, although the presence of weapons crates mean it is possible to grab the M2 and bombard the village below with RPG rounds until the buildings collapse, switching off the M2 to something else and back again; such an approach would probably be only undertaken if the player was incredibly bored and lacked inclination to play the multiplayer.

  • I’ve jumped ahead to the part where the player takes on armour on foot using the trusty M2CG: Panzerfahren isn’t impractical when I’m around, it’s outright dangerous.

  • The last phase of the mission is to rescue Aguire: a carefully placed headshot will take care of the solider.

Upriver is perhaps the most memorable mission in the first bit of the game, if only for the fact that I began watching Marble Hornets right after this mission ended. Already mentioned to be an alternate-reality game, the series concerns the unfolding of events surrounding the Slender Man mythos. As its protagonists delve deeper and deeper into the mystery, they become entangled in paranormal events beyond their control. I have alluded to this in essentially every other post, but I refer to the Type-88 as the Slender Man rifle for the fact that it has the look and feel of a weapon that could have contributed substantially to Jay’s survival in Marble Hornets. After finishing the first few episodes, I would head home as a break in the storm opened up, although the clouds were still thundering at this point. With a wide range of weather and terrain, Upriver proved to be a hugely satisfying mission to play, and I have every intention of coming back with a different loadout wherever possible: perhaps next time, I’ll use the M95 to pick off the guards after crossing the ridge, and stick to the automatic shotgun for the remainder of the mission.

2 responses to “Battlefield: Bad Company 2- Upriver

  1. Dharnnyairl October 30, 2021 at 06:21

    Whenever I Knife The Man In The Sniper Nest By Croching, I Loose And That Mission Starts Again.


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