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Gundam Unicorn- Speculation about the finale

Programme note: This is a speculative post concerning what my personal opinions about what is to unfold in the finale to Gundam Unicorn and is in no way meant to represent what will actually occur. I will not be accountable for any damages or losses that result from using this post outside of its intended purpose.

The finale to Gundam Unicorn is expected to release somewhere in March 2014. Titled Somewhere Over The Rainbow, no exact date has been provided yet, although it is not particularly difficult to speculate at what will likely happen. Two Worlds, Two Tomorrows concluded when Banagher clashed swords with Riddhe. It is hardly any surprise that the finale will open with this confrontation: bonus materials on the Blu-Ray indicate the release date and provide promotional art of the Banshee locked in combat with the Unicorn. We now leave the realm of fact and step into the shadowy field that is speculation, first turning to the showdown between the two Gundams. This fight represents the culmination of the animosity between Banagher and Riddhe; with the latter experiencing bitterness at Mineva’s rejection, this fight is likely to be very personal. During the course of their battle, both Gundams will probably reach a stalemate after intense combat. If the novel’s content holds true, Marida will sortie in the Kyshatriya here; in her final moments in the novel, she blocks a shot from the Banshee to save Banagher. While this is dark, it might happen. In this case, the unicorn’s NT-D will activate. The resonation causes the Banshee to reciprocate, and the resulting psycho-field will allow the two to settle their differences.

  • By the end, Banagher’s incredible NewType powers, paired with the overwhelming performance conferred by the Unicorn’s psychoframe, will allow Banagher to telepathically manipulate objects, such as the extra shields from the full armour Unicorn, despite the shields themselves lacking any means of independent propulsion.

Banagher and Riddhe will subsequently catch up with the Rewloola: at this point, Full Frontal will probably deploy with Angelo. Using the Full Armour’s load-out, they will engage in combat, crippling Angelo’s suit. However, Full Frontal will probably be operating a mobile armour similar to the MSN-02 Zeong. From what we’ve seen of the mobile armour, it will probably be a booster frame of sorts for the Sinanju and thus, put up an incredible fight. Banagher will exhaust the Full Armour’s explosive munitions here to take down the mobile armour components; an intense exchange of beam fire will ensue, causing damage to both Gundams, but ultimately, Full Frontal will be defeated as Banagher impales the Sinanju with his beam sabre, all the while delivering a classical speech about how humans have possibility. Upon arriving at the Colony Builder, the Vist Foundation will finally unveil their trump card. This is mentioned in episode six by Martha Vist Carbine, and is presumed to be a colony laser. The Vist Foundation forces take on the Nahel Argama at this point. In the resulting chaos, Banagher disables the colony laser and unlocks the contents of Laplace’s Box.

  • The Banshee looks badass with a blue psychoframe. We have not yet seen Riddhe wield the NT-D on the Banshee, despite his aim to master his machine in the same manner as Banagher had, but the finale could change that. I have been following Gundam Unicorn since it first aired in March 2010: it raised the bar forever as to what I would come to expect of Gundam.

I reiterate that everything I’ve just said is pure speculation. It is also general enough to provide a rough glimpse of what is likely to happen in the finale. I have deliberately omitted the details surrounding Banagher and Mineva, as well as what happens after Laplace’s Box is unlocked. In the original novel, the Colony Builder detaches from Industrial Seven and begins broadcasting a signal that ends the conflict. This ending is filled to the brim with idealism and unrealism: I am hoping that the OVA will take some liberties and wrap up the story in a manner that is believable. I realise that many well-known anime have started strong and remained thus throughout their run, only to have a prima facie shoddy ending disrupt the otherwise awesome experience. This occurs owing to our own expectations being built up, and as such, I have decided to maintain an open mind for the finale. In other words, what I see is what I get- so as long as the ending is sufficiently satisfactory to illustrate the new equilibrium that resulted from the Laplace Conflict, I will have few complaints. We note that the Laplace Conflict is largely minimal with respect to what happens subsequently when Gundam F91 rolls around, so there is a possibility that the whole point of Gundam Unicorn is to remind viewers that conflicts can occur over seemingly irrational goals, but these aspects become irrelevant once casualties begin accumulating, emphasising that conflict will result in loss of life, regardless of what it is intended to accomplish. These are my two cents on the matter, and given that it is purely speculation, I have opted not to consider these as spoilers in any way. For individuals looking to get into Gundam Unicorn, there is still ten months before the finale is expected to premier in Japanese theatres and as such, there is still plenty of time to watch episodes one to six.

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