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Battlefield: Bad Company 2- Crack the Sky

“That is the greatest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.” ― Haggard, after the satellite crashes into an abandoned town.

The squad starts off in Flynn’s Black Hawk with Preston and Haggard manning the miniguns. Preston and Haggard clear out the landing zone while they take out multiple RPG troopers that try and bring the chopper down. Once the chopper lands, everyone gets out. A Russian tries to attack Sweetwater in which he hits the soldier back with his M60 and knocks him off the side. The squad proceeds towards the satellite station while being attacked by more Russian soldiers. A KORD in a machine gun nest pins the squad down and Sweetwater says they need to flank it and hit it from the side with an explosive to take it out. A sniper is also perched on top of some stairs towards the side, wielding a Type 88 Sniper. A Hind then flies in to drop off more troops as more come out from the station. After they are taken out, the squad breaches the satellite station, while being careful not to destroy the equipment needed to bring the satellite down.

Once the area is clear, Sweetwater hacks into the satellite and puts it on a crash course for an area about a kilometer away. Redford tries to raise Flynn, but he says the area is windy for him to come in for a safe pickup. The squad then proceeds to look for a vehicle to get to the crash site. Before heading out, they spot a CAV in the nearby town and move out. After pushing through the town, they obtain the vehicle and rush off towards the crash site. However, the Russians found out that they brought the satellite in and are racing to the crash site as well. They take out the multiple Vodniks and Quad Bikes on the way there and makes it just in time to see the satellite hit the nearby abandoned town across the frozen lake. The mission ends with them approaching the satellite in the town.

  • The first phase of the mission is to clear out the landing site using the minigun. With infinite ammunition and no overheating, one should prioritise clearing out all of the soldiers equipped with RPGs; they can quickly blow away the helicopter. Again, witness the power of the destruction engine here, as the roofs and walls of buildings crumble before the constant stream of bullets. As Haggard says, “They’d better run!”

  • After landing, players are greeted with blue skies, blowing snow and a hill to climb, with radio dishes in the distance. This unique setting means that I spent a few moments looking around before proceeding up the hill. Despite the sense of urgency to access the satellite controls, there’s actually no time limit, making exploration a possibility. There are a few machine gun positions up the hill, making it a good idea to dispatch them as soon as possible.

  • There is a collectible M95 sniper rifle at the sniper perch to the left, after Sweetwater asks “Geez, where are we, Hoth?” A sniper at the top of a patrol post will be using a Type 88, marking one of the few points where the Type 88 and M95 occur in the game without being acquired from a supply crate.


  • Once inside the command post, Redford reminds everyone to fire carefully, as destroying the satellite controls will cost them the satellite. Here, at close-quarters, a shotgun is most useful, although there’s nothing wrong with using the XM8. Where using the knife, a quick hand is recommended, since being knifed by an enemy is an instant-death.


  • I prefer the Type 88 over the M95 for its superior firing rate and magazine size: because it drops enemies in a single shot, it is preferred over the M95 for most parts of the campaign.

  • There are a total of three collectible weapons in Crack the Sky, with this SCAR-LS being one of them. Equipped with a scope and silencer, this weapon fires with a minimal amount of sound and is one of the weapons that may be used to take out the sentry at the beginning of Upriver. I might go back and play through the game a second time with a suppressed SMG to see whether or not these weapons can help with stealth.


  • This time, the mounted gun will prove quite useful, as additional enemies will appear  in the streets below. If memory serves, these guns can overheat, so it is prudent to fire them in short bursts. The gun shield provides additional cover at the cost of visibility, so a bit of vigilance in spotting RPGs is necessary.

  • The CAV buggy is equipped with a machine gun and grenade launcher: Haggard will automatically fire the machine gun, and the player will need to both drive and fire the mortar/grenade launcher.

  • In addition to whiteout conditions on the road, enemy vehicles will appear and fire upon the player: carelessness has caused me to plummet over a cliff at least a handful of times.

  • I’m almost at the crash site here, and after hitting the cutscene, the satellite’s descent is reminiscent of a meteor making an impact.

Crack the Sky is the last of the missions I would play at a friend’s place: it was the end of summer three years ago and another friend was hosting a LAN party that day, which had Halo 3 at its core. I decided to drop by my friend’s place first: it was a cloudy, misty morning, and water droplets collected on my bike’s frame as I made my way to his place. Because I was early, he asked if I wished to continue in Bad Company 2. A solid experience previously led to my affirmative response, and I began at Crack the Sky, with mini gun in hand as I cleared out the LZ. The mission’s setting, in the mountains with radio dishes as the backdrop, was a hugely memorable one, and perhaps one of the most interesting of the maps I’ve encountered, being a mountainous, wintery version of the Halo 3 map Standoff. Upon reaching the top of the cliff face, a sniper with a T88 rifle will be present, and beside him, there is the infamous M95 rifle. After sniping everything that moved, I swapped off to a shotgun and accessed the satellite controls. The last phase of this mission involves a wild ride to the village where the satellite is expected to impact, and the sheer amount of snow blowing around on the screen makes it an authentic, if difficult experience (I drove off the cliff face a few times). If it were not apparent by now, one of the biggest strengths in Bad Company 2 is its setting in South America, a welcome change from the countless shooters that are set in the Middle East or Europe.

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