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Battlefield: Bad Company 2- Snowblind

“So, they trigger it in the right spot, down goes the US power grid. Then as our fine country slips into total fucking anarchy, the Russians decide to come knocking. The end!” ― Agent Aguire

The level picks up where Crack the Sky left off and starts with Bravo-Two out on the frozen lake headed towards the downed satellite. Once they get there, Sweetwater explains that they won’t be able to get the black box from it until it cools off. Just then, an explosion is heard to the right. More Russians show up and try to destroy the satellite with M2 Carl Gustav rocket launchers. After this section is clear, more approach from the other side, and soon a Mi-24 approaches with another rocketeer on board. Once they are all killed and the chopper is downed, a blizzard starts to set in while Redford and Haggard leave to try and find transport. As Sweetwater and Preston try and get the black box off of the satellite, Sweetwater decides to look for Sarge and heads off, leaving Preston with the satellite. He then discovers the black box tucked under the satellite, and heads off looking for the squad in the blizzard.

Flynn ends up contacting Preston, saying that he dropped flares along the path to light Preston’s way. Redford then comes in saying he and Sweetwater are looking for Haggard and Flynn while telling Marlowe he will need to find some warmth because of the cold as he moves down the mountain.. Preston heads down the path, keeping warm by going into the houses or creating fires with explosive barrels while killing Russians searching for him along the way. As he gets further down, the blizzard finally starts to let up as Flynn comes in with the squad and Aguire in his Black Hawk. The chopper helps clear out the town with Sweetwater and Haggard manning the miniguns, destroying most of the buildings as Preston pushes through. Once he reaches the last house, he climbs to the roof and boards the chopper. They then head off to a safe spot and Aguire tells them about the Russian superweapon. He says they are building a Scalar Weapon and the project leader is Arkady Kirilenko, the Russian that Preston was not able to shoot in Cold War. Aguire sends them off looking for Kirilenko in Chile where a US Armored Division will be supporting them.

  • The first objective is to defend the satellite: enemy RPGs will appear and fire upon it, and the satellite will be destroyed if it takes too many hits. The player may use any combination of weapons here to prevent the RPG operators from firing.

  • The heat of re-entry lights the scenery on fire and puts a crater in this abandoned town. There are a great many of emptied villages in Bad Company 2, leading me to wonder who used to live there and how long it has been since these settlements were vacated. Obviously, it’s a setting in a game, but curiosity nonetheless can bring about these questions in the calm before more enemy forces appear.

  • There are plenty of M2 RPGs on the rooftops: as soon as the Hind shows up,  grab one and torch it. The projectiles arc a little, but at this range, aiming for the helicopter itself (without compensating for the arc) will be sufficient. As per usual, keep moving about to avoid getting hit while reloading.

  • This is the interesting part of the mission: with a blizzard now upon Marlowe, the player will have to make their way down the mountain, and the cold will cause the visor to freeze up.

  • While ammunition is common, players may opt to conserve it and use their knife to cut through doors into the homes to warm up. There are enemy soldiers in here, and as such, care must be taken to avoid getting hit, or worse, getting knifed.

  • Explosive barrels, a cliche in almost all shooters, can be detonated to create fires that can ward off the ice accumulating on the screen.

  • There is a house with a mounted grenade launcher somewhere around here, although it won’t be of too much use to the player. Those who are bored might use it to see the Frostbite 2 engine at work: firing a large number of grenades at any building will cause its collapse.

  • The blizzard clears out once the player has made a fair bit of distance. Once it clears out, Flynn will inform Marlowe that they’re clear for extraction, but with the blizzard gone, this is a good opportunity to head back up the mountain, find the MCOM stations and arm them without fear of being frozen to death.

  • I realised that this site does show up on anime news aggregators, meaning that these Bad Company 2 posts also appear with my regular anime posts. To ensure that those using the aggregator services find relevant anime news, I will try to make the gaming posts in conjunction with an anime-related post to keep things real.

  • Heading up this ladder will conclude the mission, with the next mission involving tanks. I’m going to cap it here and begin the photo posts for Crysis, again, getting to the tank mission, before resuming Bad Company 2. At the time of writing, I’m done both games, but I’ll alternate the posts to ensure that there is sufficient variety.

Being able to knife through doors is fun, and is a preferred way of entering the various houses scattered around this map. After defending the satellite, a blizzard kicks in, separating Marlowe from the rest of Bad Company. Thus, to survive the mountain blizzard and not freeze to death, there are a handful of villages and explosive barrels along the way; standing near a fire will clear the screen of accumulated ice. Of course, one has to be careful about the soldiers inside the houses: carelessness will result in getting knifed. Snowblind is in fact reminiscent of CrysisParadise Lost, except that in the latter, the player is covering for a squad mate with a damaged Nanosuit, while here, the player must find heat sources for themselves. Contrasting the other missions in Bad Company 2, Snowblind is one of the most quiet of the missions, emphasising escape over the comedic elements found in other levels, giving this level a quiet, eerie ambiance as one finds themselves surrounded by a snowstorm.

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