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Girls und Panzer Movie: More news and details

A few days ago, I read a magazine story that gave several small details about what the Anzio OVA and the movie itself will entail. In particular, the magazine story gives the length of the movie to be relatively short, clocking in at 80 minutes. As a sequel, the movie is to be set after Ooarai’s victory over Black Forest, featuring new characters and tanks. Of interest is the point that claims that a team superior to Black Forest exists, so there are implications that the movie will probably be set at the international level of competition. Furthermore, the movie will emphasise friendship and passion as a thematic element, as did the TV series. The news article also notes that the movie will lack any unexpected plot twists, deaths and betrayal amongst the characters, suggesting that the movie will feel like an extended TV episode, centred around Panzerfahren. With these statements in hand, it is clear that the Girls und Panzer movie will probably be structured similar to the TV series, not unlike the Strike Witches Movie or K-On! Movie; these films stuck close to the mythologies employed by their respective series, giving them a friendly, familiar feel (an example of a movie that deviates from the source is the Ah! My Goddess Movie, which by far surpasses the OVAs that were released before it). I will reserve my judgement for after the movie releases, which is expected to be in March 2014, a seemingly unfathomable distance from the present.

  • The movie they speak of will release at some point in 2014, meaning that I probably won’t see the movie until 2015. I’ve got the patience, but depending on what’s happening in 2015, I’m not sure if I’m going to have time. This time around, there seems to be a team that’s even more powerful than Black Forest Peak out there in the world…this is a reminder that there is always a bigger fish, and that Ooarai will need to earn any victory they strive for in the movie, as well.

  • For the present, I absolutely cannot wait to see the OVA depicting Ooarai and their campaign against Anzio. I imagine that Anchovy will retain her personality from the manga, and her experiences with Miho will similarly lead to her accepting that Panzerfahren may extend beyond victors and vanquished.

The article also states that the Anzio match will be completely different than the version we saw in the manga. I have noted previously that the manga itself is not canon, and as such, here are my predictions on the OVA. I anticipate a rush attack from Anzio, forcing Ooarai to regroup. The volleyball team and first years will hopefully be given an opportunity to shine here, taking down several of the units engaging Ooarai’s flag tank, and in a final stand, Miho’s company lays waste to Anchovy’s remaining tanks, resulting in the scene we saw at the end of episode seven. Presently, no release date on the OVA has been noted, but I will post that here once the information itself is made known. For the present, one more OVA will be released, and as per usual, I’m hoping for a 10-15 minute deal showing off some of the celebrations.

10 responses to “Girls und Panzer Movie: More news and details

  1. Kazuaki Shimazaki June 6, 2013 at 23:25

    They must be pretty confident in their execution skills, stating flat out there will be no surprises 🙂

    For the more powerful than Black Forest team … since BF already pretty much maxed out the equipment scale unless we want to sink into the dredges of prototype tanks, let’s hope they are more powerful because they fight smarter.

    As for Anzio, I agree.


    • Weslie Kuijer June 11, 2013 at 09:09

      Not realy, the rules of tankery say that the tank had to be in designed before i believe september 1945. So…. Centurion, anyone? or a T-44?


      • Aleksandar Coa Popovic August 22, 2013 at 08:07

        That’s rules for the nationals, and they go until 15 of August 1945.
        It is debated on animesuki that for International matches we could expect early Cold War era tanks at best, nobody is expecting modern tanks to show up.


        • infinitezenith August 22, 2013 at 09:56

          The discussions on AnimeSuki are at best speculation, although I am in agreement with those who would rather not see anything beyond WWII-era armour in competitions, national or international.

          From a strictly personal standpoint, I find that Sensha-do is more oriented towards the cultivation and refinement of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. As such, giving its participants increasing firepower would rather defeat the purpose of Sensha-do: even the main battle tanks of the Cold War-era possess significant advantages over armour from the World War II age. While the WWII tanks may stand a chance in the head-on battles we see in the anime, WWII tanks use optic sights and had to use tracer rounds to determine range in some cases. Most Cold-War era tanks begin to use ballistic computers to adjust the sights, and have turret stablisation mechanisms to enable accurate firing from a mobile tank (which are lacking in the WWII tanks).

          Thus, while firepower and armour may not have seen a substantial improvement in the Cold War tanks compared to the WWII tanks, fire control and accuracy at long ranges have seen substantial improvement, decisively giving them an edge. The reliance on technology would be counterintuitive to the entire point on Sensha-do and as such, would not permit the use of even the earlier Cold War Tanks. The same goes double for current-generation main battle tanks: improvements to ammunition and the introduction of things like reactive armours and composite armours, paired with vastly superior electronic systems, would result in long range tank battles that would take away from the Sensha-do experience we see in Girls und Panzer.

          For these reasons, I do not wish to see anything introduced in Sensha-do beyond the tanks fielded up to August 15, 1945. Black Forest was feared in Japan for its overwhelming firepower and aggressive doctrine, but we recall that strength is not in brute force power, but in the ability to organise and deploy a force effectively. Thus, a “stronger” opponent is one that fights smarter, as one of the earlier comment rightly notes.


  2. Jesse July 3, 2013 at 17:52

    I’m calling it right now! Her opponent will be her old school friend: Emi Nakasuga. She will be leading the charge the German team


  3. Rainyday August 6, 2013 at 16:17

    Reblogged this on Rainyday's Inn and commented:
    Anticipating both the OVA and the movie. They are going to be one heck of a show.


  4. hlpbgh August 22, 2013 at 15:45

    You predict that the volleyball team will take out some tanks? You do realize the I-Go’s gun with its piddly 20mm of penetration makes it absolutely useless in an anti-tank role, right? The best we could hope to see from that tank in actual combat (not just lobbing smoke grenades or running away) would be blowing off tracks and road wheels with HE.

    I am indeed stoked for the movie, though. GuP is wonderful.


  5. Nova September 16, 2013 at 03:09

    If anybody remembers, Anzio has Tanketts, so volleyball team does have a chance if they get flanking shots


    • Historynerd November 21, 2013 at 14:51

      To be honest, I think Volleyball Team can deal with tankettes even when they’re up front…

      Of course, the downside is that they’re vulnerable to the M13/40.

      Still, I’m piqued by this “better than BFP” school… I tend to agree that this means they’re going international. It’s going to be awesome!


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