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Crysis- Recovery

But, something…something doesn’t want us here. Something out there is killing people. ―Hostage

Nomad is tasked with rescuing one of the hostages held by the KPA in a village. After breaking through a KPA checkpoint and obtaining information on the hostages’ whereabouts, Nomad enters the town and rendezvous with Psycho, who escorts the hostages to safety. The first hostage the team rescues turns out to be a CIA agent who was sent to monitor Dr. Rosenthal’s work. In the jungle, Nomad finds another hostage named Badowski dead with ice shards in his back, as the KPA battle an alien machine nearby. After Nomad regroups with Prophet, Prophet is suddenly snatched by another flying machine, which flies away with him in its grasp.

  • After stumbling upon a KPA station, Nomad will be ordered to gather intel concerning where the hostages are being held. After the intel is gathered, Psycho will move into the town, and Prophet will remain behind, moving to a new location after the hostages are secured.

  • Most of the technology exhibitions show off the Crytek Engine by placing the player within the depths of a jungle and illustrating what lighting and texture details are like. I find more enjoyment in having out at the water’s edge. Of course, I can’t actually feel the tropical humidity, but I can nearly imagine it, what with how nice things look here.

  • The precision rifle, designated DSG-1, is the main long-range rifle used by KPA forces. Despite the fact that ammunition is relatively rare, the precision rifle is capable of stopping standard KPA soldiers with a single shot, and the weapon does not suffer from damage drop-off to the same extent as the other weapons. The first precision rifle found in the game comes with the assault scope, making the rifle less effective than it would otherwise be. I prefer to grab the rifle for the scope, and then switch back to the shotgun.

  • Prophet suggests blowing up the gas station to create a distraction, but with cloak mode, this isn’t strictly necessary. I attached a silencer to my SCAR, and snuck in to the school where the hostage was held. Careful use of cover meant I did not have to fire a single shot. Of note is the blockade here: there are bounding mines that can kill the players instantly. These mines can be shot, upon which they will jump into the air and explode, but immediately raising the alarm.

  • The hostage turns out to be a CIA agent sent to investigate Rosenthal’s research. Regardless of how quick or slowly the player approaches the town, Psycho will always appear behind the player after Nomad makes to open the door.

  • After the hostage is secure, KPA tanks (T-108) will roll into the village. There are missile launchers in the school house: three shots will disable a tank. The player does not have access to C4 charges here, and we note that small arms fire is useless against armour. My favourite approach is to clock, get to a position behind the tank gun and fire. The T-108 has a large fuel tank mounted on its rear that can be ignited with small arms fire, although this only inflicts minor damage to the tank and will eventually burn itself out.

  • At my old website, I suggested that players keep to an assault rifle/shotgun loadout to engage the KPA patrols while making their way to the caves to meet up with Prophet. The assault rifle, paired with its assault scope, and a shotgun mounting a reflex sight, will be more than sufficient to engage all of the forces here, although yes, there is the possibility of cloaking and hiding in the creek to evade patrols.

  • KPA soldiers may be found in groups, making it viable to use fragmentation grenades to force them out of positions and even clear out groups of clustered soldiers. On closer inspection, one may note that I always have my assault rifle in semi-automatic mode: this is because automatic fire will burn through ammunition very quickly, and a single, well-placed headshot from an assault rifle at medium ranges is sufficient to do the job.

  • After reaching the end of the creek and perhaps admiring the scenery (clicking on the images will yield their 1080p resolution), it’s time to go and wrap up this mission. Again, players opting to use cloak and sneak by the KPA forces will complete this part of the mission more quickly; there are KPA patrols everywhere in this area, and engaging all of them will deplete ammunition very quickly. Players who’ve made it thus far without switching to the FY-71 rifle, keeping the SCAR, have done so by picking their fights carefully and not wasting ammunition on every patrol or camp they come across.

  • The mission ends after Prophet is abducted by an unknown entity, of the same type that killed Aztec earlier on. The player is not given the opportunity to go spelunking at this point: the third mission begins on a trail outside of a farm.

It’s been a little more than three years since I’ve played this mission; on my first playthrough, I opted for the Stallone Rambo approach and lit up everything in sight, raising the alarm and taking far too much time waiting for my armour to regenerate even as KPA soldiers lobbed grenades at my last known position. Thus, this mission proved to be a longer one on that attempt. However, in my last play-through, I made use of the cloak and foliage, concealing myself in the bush and using cloak in the open to move around. It comes as hardly any surprise that I was able to make my way to the KPA-held village far more quickly and move on to the mission’s next phase. If anything, Recovery emphasises the fact that Crysis is very much a “do it how you like it” game, permitting for both approaches to be taken. This choice extends to the weapons a player may wield: all of the weapons will get the job done, but the choice of weapon and customising the weapons themselves really allow the player to fine-tune exactly how they want to approach a mission. On YouTube, for instance, some players will make extensive use of cloak and silencers, while others prefer sniping their enemies from a distance, and yet others will jump right in with a shotgun equipped with a reflex sight. The choice is entirely dependent on the player, allowing a player to complete a mission using their style of choice, and weapons of choice. Recovery sees many firsts for the player, including the acquisition of the assault scope, precision rifle, missile launcher and engagement with armour. In many ways, this mission might’ve been more suited for a demo mission in terms of gameplay, but compared to the first mission, it is set entirely during the day, and as such, things like the sunrise cannot be showcased.

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