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Banquet War!

The girls celebrate their victory with a banquet, with their festivities accompanied by a contest where each of the teams are judged for their stage performances.

  • Before delving into the OVA proper, here is a screenshot from the first half-second after the title card fades, depicting the Ooarai carrier docked at Ooarai. Despite the official source materials saying that the Ooarai carrier is 7.1 kilometres in length, Ooarai itself is around 3.2 kilometres in length. In this image, either Ooarai has become a larger town, or else there is a source of inconsistency in the materials.

  • The banquet itself is set on Ooarai, rather than the Ooarai carrier (which is visible in the background here). Given the attention to detail, I would not be surprised if this location were inspired by a real-world equivalent of some sort.

  • This would mark the second time I’ve seen large prawns and king crab in nabe. Yes, I included this image for the singular purpose of showing off how pro the food looks.  The last banquet I was at was my undergraduate banquet, after the graduation ceremony, where we had steak in place of seafood. I had spent the previous evening watching the scene in The Matrix where Cypher is seen enjoying a steak of some sort, and stating that despite knowing the Matrix was telling him about the steak’s properties, he preferred not to know of the Matrix’s existence and was willing to give vital information to the agents in exchange for his re-insertion into the Matrix.

  • However, as this post is a Girls und Panzer post, I’ll try and keep the discussions about other shows to a minimum. As the girls enjoy their dinner, the Student Council make a few announcements concerning the evening. In place of the performances at my graduation banquet were graduation ring presentations, speeches from the Associate Dean and the program coordinator, as well as the program director, and several slideshows that we had assembled.

  • For some reason, this picture reminds me of my old days at the Chinese Academy

  • Members of the Rabbit team are seen enjoying King Crab, I believe this is Red King Crab, which is primarily caught in the waters of Bristol Bay and Norton Sound and has a high demand in Japan. When cooked, the shell turns bright red, with the meat itself having snow-white colour and bright red highlights. Offered at the Banff Park Lodge’s Chinook Restaurant, king crab meat is especially succulent.

  • Yuzu and Momo read letters from the commanders of other schools, while Anzu hangs around and continues munching on her sweet dried potatoes, which eludes me because there is king crab 😛

  • Anzio sends Ooarai ABC Anchovy, with the label reading that the Anchovy was bought at half-price. They are known for their strong flavour, a consequence of the traditional method of processing and preserving them by gutting and salting them in brine, allow them to mature, and then pack them in oil or salt. According to Fry and Zoidberg, they go great with pizza, but anchovy oil (in Futurama, anyways) is also said to be the best robot oil ever made.

  • The Student Council announces that the competition is on, and act as the judges for each of the teams, who will put on unique performances outside of the scope of their skills. Naturally, there are prizes for first, second and first place.

  • The Mallard Team kick the show off by singing traditional music and doing short skit involving their likeness.

  • The Leopon Team put on a magic show, but reveals the source of their tricks after the volleyball club expresses indignation at their tank’s conversion into a Tiger(P).

  • The Anteater team presents another song, albeit a song that burns the cerebral cortex to hear.

  • The first years put on a highly enjoyable show, doing simple stuntnastics that gives Saori much joy.

  • The Volleyball club does impressions of several of the major characters, including Darjeeling and her companions at St. Gloriana, the Student Council and even the girls from Anglerfish team. Hana finds this part of the show to be most enjoyable, attempting to match the impression to the character, but failing to recognise herself.

  • The History Club performs Little Women, inspired by the novel of the same name. The book was well-received following its publication, but (thanks to our comments below) the History Club’s tendency to introduce extensive history into the play causes Momo to shut them down, rage-quit style.

  • Anglerfish team does a parody of the super-sentai genre, reminding me of what was done in Tari Tari nearly a year ago, complete with similar dialogue and mannerisms. I think they should have won the contest.

  • I bet no one was expecting Miho to do this as a classic finishing move.

  • Last, but not least, is the Student Council, performing sections of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Thus, the inclusion of this image is purely for aesthetics and to thank viewers for coming here to read about what might be one of the most unusual anime blogs out there on the internet.

  • Because spoilers don’t matter at this point, the Student Council totally win the performance contest, which leads me to wonder if the votes were rigged in any way.

  • When I finished watching this OVA, I ended up with some 49 screenshots and had to trim them down. I’ve since gone ahead and replaced the image at the post talking about the OVA’s release date, simply to make it higher resolution: the post does not disclose anything about the OVA, but this one certainly does. Unless something else happens, I anticipate this as being the last of my Girls und Panzer related posts for a while.

Set after the final match against Black Forest, the final OVA depicts the party the girls partake in. This episode is the longest of the OVAs, and does not disappoint by any stretch, being incredibly fun to watch for all of the unique performances each of the teams give after a banquet of sorts. This is a fitting close to the series for the present, showcasing all of the girls outside of their typical mannerisms through their performances. In particular, Anglerfish team’s super sentai act was enormously satisfying to behold, as was the stuntnastics from the Rabbit Team and the ballet from the Turtle Team. This is not to diminish the quality of the other performances from the other teams, but for me, those ones stood out, and perhaps, unsurprisingly, were marked as the winning teams in the very end. At this point, the last of the Girls und Panzer OVAs have been released, and as such, I will probably not write about Girls und Panzer again until the Anzio battle is released.

9 responses to “Banquet War!

  1. Moonlitasteria June 22, 2013 at 22:19

    Another OVA? This DVD/BD only because I swear I having a hard time trying to find these thing. Although, I never looked into the DVD/BD anyway, so that might factor into this…


    • infinitezenith June 26, 2013 at 18:55

      The Blu-Rays are worthwhile is all I can say 🙂 There is going to be another OVA in the future, but I have no idea as to when it will be released.


      • Moonlitasteria June 27, 2013 at 09:29

        Still waiting on Sentai Filmworks to release their version, since it is way to expensive for me to import anything atm. Not sure when that will be, but can’t be too far off. Anyway, I think some of them 1-6 recently shown up on the web, so I will probably start them soon.


  2. Wildcards June 23, 2013 at 00:37

    From what I could understand, the talent contest was themed “hidden talent contest”, so each team are not allowed to use the skills that they are most familiar with. Volleyball team can’t play volleyball, anteater teams can’t use anything internet related, Ankou team can’t do the ankou dance (which Saori delightfully accept…XD). And of course History girls are not allow to mention historical reference. So when they do the Little Women play, they instinctively start mention the historical background of the play, after being reprimanded by Momo twice, they got shut down unfortunately…XD

    Gotta love the History girls.


    • infinitezenith June 23, 2013 at 09:29

      Thanks for the information 🙂 Who do you think was most deserving of first place (even if the price was 100 000 dollars’ worth of dried potato)?


      • Wildcards June 27, 2013 at 09:56

        I like Ankou team’s performance the best, it looks like it need a lot more prep than most of the other shows. Although the student council’s ballet is probably pretty difficult to do.

        I think the Volleyball team and the automobile club team did better than the Rabbit team, but I guess their performance was too controversial…lol

        I couldn’t stop laughing from Sodoko’s bunshin no jutsu and teleportation play…


  3. Myssa June 23, 2013 at 02:58

    Actually the History club was presenting Little Women. See Jo, Amy, Meg, and Beth.


  4. oldskoolpunk August 10, 2013 at 13:31

    The banquet location is, as usual for GuP, a real place, the Ōarai Hotel, (“”) with the tank parking lot at: “”. Many of the dishes even match the hotel’s menu. The custard with a single slice of kiwi fruit, for example. GuP’s view of Ōarai is interesting – we never see the prettied-up tourist areas, other than occasional glimpses of Ōarai Marine Tower, but we see lots of back streets, parking lots, the Resort Outlets Ōarai mall, the shipping container storage yard, and the train station. In this OVA, we’re shown the back side of the Ōarai Hotel, with parking lot and air conditioning compressors. The other side of this high-end hotel faces the ocean and has swimming pools and an impressive view. We’re not shown that. We get a realistic view of Oarai, although a bit cleaner and with better shrubbery.


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