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K-On! Movie Official Guidebook/Travel Diary

The K-On! Movie Official Guidebook is the only Japanese-language book in my library and as such, together with the Chinese texts I have, are the few books I have that I can’t readily pick up and read. However, the Official Guidebook has one edge over my Chinese texts: concept art and special features from the movie that explore the behind-the-scenes element in the same manner as do the bonus features on DVDs and BDs. Of note is one of the pages that disclose exactly which locations were visited in the movie, solving the mystery behind where the girls went. Armed with this, speculation is replaced by fact, and thus, some loose ends fans have had about the movie will be tided up. At a cost of 2500 yen (roughly 26.75 CAD now), the guidebook is an incredible companion to the movie, providing details surrounding the movie that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

  • The artbook costs anywhere from 30 to 40 dollars on some websites, and some come with free shipping. Some of its contents are exclusive and have not been scanned anywhere online: respecting that, I will not be uploading any scans of the book’s contents for any reason.

I placed an order for a copy around three weeks ago, opting to ship it via SAL Small Packet for economy. It only arrived mere hours ago, and I’ve since begun reading through it (or at least, reading what I can and otherwise, enjoying the concept art and pictures). One thing that stands out are the interviews with the voice actors and production team: the K-On! Movie Official Guidebook reminds me of behind-the-scenes books for HaloStar Wars and Lord of the Rings, reflecting on the amount of effort that went into producing the movie. In a little more than a month, I will be posting my thoughts on the K-On! Movie, and also present a curious response to the most distasteful review out there, which, amongst other falsehoods, claims that the movie has poor production value. The K-On! Movie Official Guidebook illustrates that this is not the case. Of course, this falls under the purview of the future, so I shan’t disclose any more on that. For the present, I will say that I now have a small piece of the K-On! Movie, and that in itself counts for something.

3 responses to “K-On! Movie Official Guidebook/Travel Diary

  1. Philip July 17, 2013 at 11:17

    I went around London and identified and photographed most of the locations in the film, and put it in the form of an around London circular tour

    I would be interested to know where the few locations I did not identify were


  2. Edward November 24, 2013 at 15:04

    This looks really interesting – I loved the movie so will definitely buy this, too!


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