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Crysis- Assault

“Now let’s get these babies up that valley and give General Kyong a warm Idaho welcome!” ―Major Strickland

The U.S. military begins a full-scale invasion of the island, led by Major Strickland. The level starts when Nomad, Psycho and a few Marines are transported to a landing zone conversing about the Nanosuit. The VTOL cannot reach the harbour because there are still multiple active Korean SPAAAs, and instead it lands at a forward outpost. Nomad meets up with Lieutenant Bradley, who instructs him to destroy the SPAAAs so the U.S. Fighters can bomb the KPA Cruiser. Nomad subsequently destroys all the KPA forces and eliminates two SPAAAs, but he is informed by Psycho that there is one more inside the harbour. After infiltrating the harbour, Nomad and Psycho destroy the last SPAAA. Major Strickland orders him to deactivate a radar jammer on board the cruiser. Upon doing so, Nomad paints the cruiser for an airstrike, sinking it. With the airspace clear, several VTOLs arrive to deliver armour.

  • The US presence on the island now means that ammunition for the SCAR becomes plentiful again. This means that I’m going to max out the attachments on the SCAR, putting on the laser sight, sniper scope and under-barrel grenade launcher, before picking up all the ammunition I can carry. Armed with such an awesome scope, I now have what is essentially a sniper rifle with a 40-round magazine.

  • When your graphics card is as nice as mine, anything is possible. I’m on a horse.

  • This is the second sunset players see in Crysis, and is perhaps the more majestic of the two. I may not have the most useful or detailed discussions about how to beat games, but I do have some of the nicest images around. The day and night cycles are perhaps the most impressive aspect of the game, and here, I take a breather between taking down the anti-air units by admiring the sunrise.

  • All of the anti-air emplacements are accessible by road, although it is entirely possible to take a boat and go about arriving in a completely different manner. Of course, taking this route meant I had to go back around to get the KPA intel first.

  • The sky brightens as day breaks, beginning the second phase of the mission. While it’s up to the player to take down the last anti-air unit, there will be some support from Psycho.

  • The warehouse here is filled to the brim with supplies, including incendiary ammunition. Typically, I dump the SCAR after this mission, stocking up on FY-71 rounds, missile launchers, explosive charges and sniper rounds. The shotgun and SMG will be of limited use in the next mission (foreshadowing).

  • In the name of saving explosives, I’ve placed a handful of explosive barrels beside the anti-air emplacement and lit them using the pistol. The anti-air emplacements require one charge, three rockets or the explosive force of two barrels to take down: since there are three SPAAA emplacements in this level, players stand to save up to nine rockets (or three missile launchers) using this approach.

  • The KPA Cruiser in the harbour is the final target in the mission. There’s yet another jammer on board, preventing US VTOLs from landing. The only way to board the cruiser is to the other side of the dock: if, for whatever reason, one falls into the harbour, there are several drainage pipes that lead back to manholes in the dock beside the harbour.

  • For good measure, please paint the cruiser after disembarking: don’t bother grabbing any close-quarters weapons, since it’s a simple matter of getting on board, finding the console, pushing a button and then running away really quickly.

  • That’s right, the next mission is a tank mission. There is also a tank mission in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Thus, the posting pattern for the future is as follows: I will be posting the tank missions, and then a response post as to why I have not taken up (and why I do not intend to take up) World of Tanks despite my inherent enjoyment of armour in shooters.

After spending the last three missions on my own, I admit that it was most welcome to suddenly have US Forces arrive on scene and provide assistance. While they won’t do much in the way of taking down the AAAs, their presence gave me a moral boost of sorts. One practical thing I noted was the presence of explosive barrels near some of the AAA emplacements, meaning it was possible to pile up a few barrels near the AAA gun, and then light them with the pistol. The resulting explosion would destroy the AAA, saving the player a few rockets and C4 charges. After the forward AAA emplacements are taken, I took a few moments to enjoy the sunrise before carrying on with the objectives. Psycho will be around to help Nomad out here with a sniper rifle, but the player will nonetheless come under extensive fire. After the harbour is secured, US VTOLs will arrive with the M5A2 Atlas Tanks. The game takes on a different feel after Assault, leaving the open-world tropical island concept for a more traditional set of missions around capturing and securing objectives, blowing up enemy stuff along the way. Of course, the different feel could also be attributed to the weather change: whereas the first four missions are set under clear skies, increasing cloud cover alters the mood, as well. However, cloud or not, the next mission involves tanks, and as such, will warrant a post about how it is one of my favourite missions in Crysis. It may also torch off a discussion about my present aversions to playing World of Tanks, especially in light of the Girls und Panzer fans the game has accumulated. Perhaps I’ll play World of Warplanes once it is released instead…

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