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Yuyushiki Original Soundtrack, “Feeling good (nice) wind”, to release July 17

As per the title, the Yuyushiki Original Soundtrack is set for a release on July 17. That is a little more than a day away at the time of writing; the OST itself will retail for ¥2000 (around 22 CAD) and consists of 39 tracks, a surprisingly large number considering the nature of Yuyushiki.

  • Yuyushiki ended up being one of the more unusual series for the Spring 2013 season. The background music adds a heart-warming, relaxing atmosphere to the show, bringing to mind a handful of tracks from the Girls und Panzer soundtrack, where a few piano pieces are used to cover what I’ve come to refer to as “Miho’s Theme”.

I noted that there would be 39 tracks: in all their glory, they are presented below. Owing to the length of the anime relative to the number of tracks, I imagine that some of the songs would be quite short, although I could be quite wrong.

  1. SE-NO ! (OP Theme Arrange)
  2. Skipping
  3. TekiPaki (Yui’s Theme)
  4. Morning Waltz
  5. Pastoral Song
  6. Good Grief!
  7. Monopole
  8. Slow Tempo (Oka-san Theme)
  9. Give Me More Energy
  10. Cheerful
  11. Small Good Stories
  12. Pizzicart (Cute Ver.)
  13. Talking and Shouting
  14. Screw up
  15. High-Tension
  16. Fresh
  17. PoyoPoyo (Yuzuko’s Theme)
  18. Thinking Time
  19. Drinking Song
  20. Play Tag
  21. March
  22. Marimba Dance
  23. Wonderful Time
  24. Dramatic
  25. Emotion
  26. Wurli (Elegant Ver.)
  27. Old Blues Man
  28. The Sorrowful Story
  29. Got of Long-T
  30. FuwaFuwa (Yukari’s Theme)
  31. Nostalgic
  32. Go Home
  33. Carefree
  34. Spring Flowers
  35. Summer Vacation
  36. In The Fall
  37. Winter Bell
  38. Puppy Love
  39. Affection (ED Theme Arrange)

Detractors might be wondering why I’m even bothering to talk about the Yuyushiki soundtrack, given that the anime itself does not do anything unique with its data processing premise. While the anime itself is unremarkable with respect to these aspects, it proved to be a fun series in its own right. This factor is augmented by the music, which seems particularly well suited for the kind of atmosphere this anime evokes. Much as how Yui, Yuzuko and Yukari do random, endearing things throughout the anime’s run, the music is gentle and light-hearted. In particular, there are a few songs that capture my interest owing to their unique composition: I do wish to hear them in their original glory.

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