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Battlefield: Bad Company 2- High Value Target

“He’s played well to get this far. So have you, I grant you that.” ― Arkady Kirilenko

After Redford interrogates the Russian prisoner who seems to have family in Texas, Bravo-Two rides in with a Marine convoy to locate Kirilenko. On the way, a bridge filled with clutter prompts the convoy to stop and slowly move across, in case of IEDs. Soon enough, the convoy gets ambushed by the Russians; at first by multiple RPG soldiers, and finally a BMD-3. A couple of the vehicles in the convoy get destroyed, but they proceed on forward. As they are approaching the town the HVT is holed up in, two F/A-18 Hornets bomb a nearby tunnel to prevent the escape of Kirilenko. They meet yet another BMD-3, but manage to destroy it before any major damage occurs to the rest of the convoy. As they approach the village, a ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun pins them down, killing all of the Marines and leaving Bravo-Two without support. Eventually, air support rids them of the AA gun. After moving into the village, the United States Navy artillery bombardment begins early and tears the squad’s cover to shreds. Moving through the wreckage and combating surviving Russian forces, they make their way into a sewage system where they climb into Kirilenko’s hideout. After holding him at gunpoint, Kirilenko inserts much more suspicion about Aguire in the squad. Sweetwater discovers something about a freighter named the Sangre del Toro. Kirilenko then escapes after another artillery bombardment hits the building they were in.

  • High Value Target ends up being one of the shorter missions, as evidenced by the fewer number of screenshots. The first parts of the mission entails shooting up anything that moves, bringing to mind the rail-shooter missions that were present in 007 NightFire and Agent Under Fire. At the time of writing, I have completed Nightfire, and have one more mission left in Agent Under Fire.


  • While the gameplay here is more or less similar to those of the 007 rail-shooter missions, the graphics have come a very long way. Back during December 2012, I decided to blow the dust off my PS2 and play 007 Nightfire again, and was shocked to see how blocky and pixelated the graphics looked on an HD TV. When I purchased Nightfire back in 2004, we had a 27-inch CRT screen, and I had found the graphics in Nightfire to be praise-worthy.


  • The phrase High Value Target might, from a personal standpoint, be used to describe how the anime community approaches the distribution and acquisition of anime and its related media. Those familiar with the community will find much conflict concerning the release of new media: the distributor’s reasons for delaying uploads have been outlined in a post I had previously wrote. A case-in-point right now is the Yuyushiki OST, which released on July 17 and has yet to make its way onto the internet for general listening.


  • As with Heavy Metal, the last parts of the mission are on foot. As always, the XM8 is an excellent weapon to have here, and out of laziness, I still have the MG3 from the previous mission.


  • A short run through the underground sewer system will conclude this mission. This is probably one of the shorter missions in the game, with the final few missions taking that title.

I am reminded of Black Hawk Down in this mission owing to the fact that I am in a convoy, at the helm of a 50-calibre machine gun. Much of the mission is a rail shooter, with the player lighting up anything that presents a hazard to the convoy, making this mission rather more linear, but also more relaxed, compared to the other missions. However, regardless of how many targets are downed by the player, the convoy will always be annihilated by the anti-aircraft guns. At this point, Marlowe and company are forced to go on foot, and I find myself sticking to the trusty XM8 rifle once more: there is an XM8 with iron sights that can be found immediately following the onslaught, but I’ll probably stick to the XM8 I started with unless I’m playing through for amusement, using one of the scoped LMGs, for instance. By this point, I realise that I have not found many of the MCOM stations, but that is why I will probably be doing a second play-through of the game. I had been playing through this mission on the night before Otafest, and was originally intending on passing Otafest until a turn of events convinced me to attend.

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