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Crysis- Awakening

“Prepare to witness a shift in power!”―General Kyong

Nomad enters the excavation site at the mountain’s base, but is captured by Kyong’s men. Kyong deactivates Nomad’s Nanosuit, and Nomad watches, helpless, as Kyong shoots one of the hostages in the head and then detonates explosive charges to open the structure. An energy pulse emanates from the structure and kills Kyong’s men; the pulse also reactivates Nomad’s Nanosuit. Kyong, also wearing a Nanosuit, attacks Nomad, until Nomad is able to kill him. As the mountain continues to collapse, a VTOL evacuates the last hostage, Dr. Rosenthal’s daughter Helena, but is unable to rescue Nomad.

  • The first part of the mission is to infiltrate a KPA base and gather some intel: to make things simpler, use exclusively the incendiary ammunition to take down everything in sight. Near the download terminal, there is a room with a stockpile of incendiary ammunition for restocking.

  • It is advisable to use cloak and approach the lumber mill slowly: while it may not look heavily guarded, rushing in with guns blazing will not be effective by any stretch for four reasons, presented as surprises for the players.

  • The surprises noted are KPA Nanosuit soldiers. Unlike the ones encountered earlier, these ones have miniguns, which lay down a devastating amount of firepower. Nomad should have a gauss rifle here and/or an FY-71 with incendiary rounds: a well-placed headshot or a handful of incendiary rounds should be sufficient to cut down a Nanosuit solder.

  • Aside from Nanosuit soldiers, KPA forces with precision rifles and soldiers manning the machine guns complicate things.


  • Once the lumber mill is clear, the US Forces will land another VTOL and a handful of marines at the site. The VTOL also has a stockpile of Guass rounds: despite guides informing players to conserve on Gauss rounds, the Gauss rifle is of minimal use once inside the mine, so this is the ideal place to make good use of the rifle and clear out the area surrounding the mine entrance below.

  • There are two other Nanosuit soldiers here. If they were missed earlier during the sniping session from earlier, they can be cleared out using the incendiary rounds from the FY-71.

  • I used to wonder why there was the option to use an assault scope, reflex sight and iron sights when there was a sniper scope for long range: however, experiences at close quarters suggest that the reflex sights are perhaps the most useful, and the assault scope has some applications. There might be a KPA Nanosuit soldier inside the mine: use of the Gauss rifle or FY-71 in conjunction with cloak will make this part simple enough.

  • A rockslide inside the mine reveals a bit of the surface: it seems the cloud cover has cleared, and it is sunny outside. However, Nomand must proceed deeper into the cave: players should note that the falling rocks in here can easily wipe Nomad out, even if in armour mode.

  • Because all of Nomad’s weapons are now removed, one must make do with the various shotguns and SMGs on the map. Engaging General Kyong will take forever via this approach, so the alternative is more efficient and amusing: grab a barrel, switch into cloak, approach General Kyong, switch to strength mode, and toss the barrel at him. Throwing another barrel at him (or a series of strength punches) will be sufficient to finish him. This manner should earn the achievement “Donkey Kong Country”, but unfortunately, there are no achievements in Crysis.

  • The last phase of the mission has Nomad meeting with Helena Rosenthal for the first time. The elevator stalls, prompting the VTOL to rescue them. Helena is brought on board the VTOL, but Nomad is stuck inside the complex when the elevator falls to the ground, setting up the stage for the next, most unusual, mission in Crysis.

After clearing out a KPA base, Nomad must clear out another landing site for the US VTOLs. The KPA Nanosuit soldiers make another appearance here, but they are much harder to take down this time, as they have mini guns, support fire from other Nanosuit soldiers and the regular KPA soldiers. The best way to approach this is a combination of stealth and overwhelming firepower. After using cloak to get into a suitable position, around 8 to 12 incendiary rounds from the FY-71 will take out a Nanosuit soldier. There are around four Nanosuit soldiers around the processing plant, and once they are cleared out, the VTOLs can start landing. Getting down to the mine is reasonably straightforward: with the amount of gauss rifle ammunition here, I chose to engage the KPA forces from a distance, before driving down to the mine entrance. Here, a few more Nanosuit soldiers will be present, and as previously, the incendiary ammunition comes in handy. In fact, the incendiary ammunition is common enough for a player to depend entirely upon it for this mission: dealing significantly more damage than the standard ammunition, these rounds make the mission far easier. The fight against General Kyong is quite simple: other guides out there have suggested hit and run tactics using the cloak and so forth, but the most effective method is simply to grab a barrel, go into strength mode and throw said barrel at him a few times. It certainly beats sneaking around the map trying to find ammunition for the SMG, which deals pitiful damage against the Nanosuit.

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