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Steam Summer Sale 2013

There’s only a half-day left in the Steam Summer Sale 2013 at the time of writing. This event has become somewhat of a tradition, but this year was my first participation; I’ve long expressed a desire to get Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and a game that would be similar to Deadly Premonotion. This game would be fulfilled by Alan Wake. During the summer sale, Skyrim was offered at half-price, while the entire Alan Wake franchise enjoyed a 90 percent discount, I also purchased Audiosurf and, on the spur of the moment, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. No, I adamantly refuse to call it a Summer “Seal” for any reason. That joke is not amusing and was never funny to begin with. However, what is amusing is how excellent the deals are.

  • I originally intended to buy Magicka and Trials: Evolution alongside these games, but I came to the horrifying realisation that between just the four games here, I would probably never finish all of them. I’ll pick up these games during the Holiday Sale that comes in winter only if I somehow manage to make good progress in Alan Wake (Skyrim is an open-world game and will probably be something I do wherever I feel the want to explore to my heart’s content).

  • Badges for the Summer Sale 2013 must now be earned, and with the sale rapidly drawing to a close, I’ll need to hunt down people with the right cards so I can craft my Summer Sale badge. At the time of writing, I am at level 8 in Steam, and strange as it sounds, wish to get to level 10 solely for the purpose of getting a red ring around my level number.

In previous years, the lack of a powerful PC precluded the possibility of capitalising on such excellent deals. Specifically, I did not have the GPU power to make the most of all these sales, and lacked the RAM to keep the game running alongside my OS. There is one final note I have: the day before the Steam Summer Sale 2013 kicked off, all of the Half-Life games were on discount, allowing me to buy Half-Life 2: Episode 1 and Half-Life 2: Episode 2 at 2.49 USD each. As noted on one of my earlier posts, a bus ticket costs more than that. During the Summer sale proper, the episodes somehow cost more than they did previously. With this in mind, it’s not difficult to understand why Valve has such a number of repeat customers.

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