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Battlefield: Bad Company 2- Nobody gets left behind

“I had forgiven everything, until I heard they knew about the weapon. Until then! That’s why this country needs to be erased!” ― James Wyatt

The level starts off just after Flynn’s chopper is hit by a Javelin – which he referenced earlier in Heart of Darkness that they are much harder to dodge than RPGs. Preston sees the compound rolling out the door and he dashes out after it, catching it as he jumps out of the Black Hawk. He opens his parachute and lands in the jungle near Sweetwater who jumped out soon after. Once he meets up with Sweetwater, he engages incoming Militia with an M95 that he found. The Militia tries to mount QLZ-87’s while Sweetwater moves to the next house over. After the soldiers are taken out, a BMD-3 comes in, dropping off more troops. Marlowe grabs C4 and an M2 Carl Gustav and destroys the tank. They then both head out in search of Sarge and Haggard. They eventually meet up and contact Aguire, telling him they have the compound. Aguire tells them to get to him ASAP, but the squad instead searches for Flynn as Haggard rallies everyone to do so. They push through the detention center where Flynn is being held, while freeing three US soldiers that were trapped there as well.

Preston finds Flynn being interrogated by a Militia soldier, who he kills. A second Militiaman then attack him with a Combat Knife and as they struggle, Flynn pulls out a MP-443 Grach and shoots the man off of Marlowe, to which he responds, “I thought you were a pacifist?” Flynn justifies his action, saying, “Sometimes even the Buddha had to kick a little ass.” Haggard gives him some cigarettes, to which he was very pleased for as their friendship. The squad then gets on four Quad Bikes and decide to race – as it was Haggard’s idea – to the chopper base that Flynn said was close by. Once they arrive, they push through the base to a Black Hawk that was on one of the landing pads. Everyone gets in, and they head to Aguire’s position. As they take off, Marlowe mans the minigun, killing the men and destroying the vehicles and helicopters in pursuit of them. Once they reach Aguire, they find out they have been betrayed. Aguire, his name revealed by Sweetwater’s knowledge of Operation Aurora to be James Wyatt, gives the compound to Kirilenko as he wanted revenge against the US because they killed his father. Kirilenko then double-crosses James and shoots him in the back, killing him. Just as he is about to have Bravo-Two killed, Flynn appears and kills Kirilenko’s men. He thanks Haggard for the smokes that he gave him earlier, but is shot down and killed by a Russian wielding an RPG-7, however this provides Bravo 2 with enough distraction to escape, much to Haggard’s sadness over Flynn’s death.

  • The MP-443 Grach is a Russian semi-automatic pistol developed to replace the Makarov PMM. The pistol was designed to be capable of firing over-pressurized versions of the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge (7N21 and 7N31) which are more capable of piercing armor.  It is the only pistol in the campaign, and players are obliged to use it in a few sections of the game.

  • The pistol has reasonable stopping power and a good magazine, but it is almost always overshadowed by other weapons. During this section of the game, waves of militia will assault Marlowe and Sweetwater’s position. I personally prefer the Type-88 here, owing to its superior firing rate and magazine size.

  • Like Sangre del Toro, Nobody gets left behind is one of the longer missions in the game. The mission’s name is inspired by the slogan of the same name.

  • There are a few sections in this mission where sniper rifles will be useful in clearing out distant targets without them effectively returning fire.

  • I’ve heard there is a M2 recoiless rifle somewhere here that can be used to take down the BMD, although in the heat of the moment, I wasn’t able to find it and resorted to using rifle grenades to take it out.

  • Freeing the three soldiers in the detention facility will provide some firepower, but with pistols, they won’t be particulary effective with respect to offensive capabilities. They are, however, excellent at drawing fire off the player, allowing one to flank the enemy forces.

  • The quad-bike race is a direct take-that against the snowmobile mission from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, with Haggard outright saying that “snowmobiles are for sissies” and mocking the player should they lose the quad bike race to him.

  • While the campaign is short (in fact, there should only be a few more posts about Bad Company 2 before this series of posts concludes), it is nonetheless a fun game and should be played at least twice to ensure all the collectible items and M-COM stations are found. Players may also replay missions with a combination of different weapons and difficulties for the sake of doing so.

  • The FN F2000 is a compact bullpup assault rifle made by the Belgian firearms company FN Herstal. Firing the NATO 5.56 x 45 mm round, this assault rifle is compact and powerful. Having the highest rate of fire and lowest damage per shot, it behaves functionally as an SMG at closer quarters while retaining effectiveness at medium ranges.

  • The guns on the helicopters can be used, even if the helicopters themselves cannot be flown. While providing only a limited field of fire, the firepower is more than sufficient to remove threats to Bad Company. The mission ends as a rail shooter, putting Marlowe in charge of manning the minigun on Flynn’s chopper.

The tenth mission of Bad Company 2, the final aspects of the story come together in this mission, taking Marlowe and company back into the depths of the jungle after the Javelin impact. Bringing back the familiarity of the previous missions, No One Get Lefts Behind is a diverse mission that sees sniper combat, firefights and plenty of vehicular combat. At one point, there are several Russian helicopters on the ground: although Marlowe can enter and make use of the guns, they cannot be flown. The mission, on the whole, sets up for the finale, introducing several plot elements that suddenly ramp up the sense of urgency, and although I’ve encountered a few individuals who said the campaign was disappointing, I personally find things to be rather interesting, especially because the entire plot in Bad Company 2 amounts to taking stabs at how seriously the Call of Duty campaign takes itself. Indeed, the worth in Bad Company 2 lies in how humorous the cast is: by this point in the game, one can relate to the members of Bad Company and their pilot, Flynn. After the latter’s death, an unexpected shock, Haggard reveals that he does indeed care about Flynn. The characters are fun, and believable, emphasising that Bad Company is a team of misfits, albeit highly-skilled ones, reminding players that yes, it’s just a game, and that some days, amusing character exchanges can breathe more life into a game than do serious jargon intended for immersion.

2 responses to “Battlefield: Bad Company 2- Nobody gets left behind

  1. Keef March 5, 2016 at 09:31

    I love it, I’m a Vietnam vet and I find myself drawn to it whenever I get off work, I play for a while. The dialogue is so funny and interesting. The weapons are great. This is better than regular battlefield. I want more graphic damage to bodies and show what bullets really do to a man, don’t make the bodies dissappear so fast. Don’t make damaged machinery dissappear. It’s an excellent game Marlowe is a silent lethal killer and it seems like the rest of the squad depends on that, I love all 4 of them they’ve become like real guys to me. Can’t wait for 3 bigger and more expansive. Whoever writes it the dialogue is funny and it’s what men in dangerous lethal situations do to take the edge off.

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    • infinitezenith March 5, 2016 at 13:57

      I appreciate your taking the time to provide new insights into Bad Company 2, which is my favourite Battlefield because of the humour. It gives each of Marlowe, Haggard, Sweetwater and Redford three-dimensional, credible character. They make the campaign fun, and since then, later Battlefield games simply lack the same degree of characterisation.

      While I wouldn’t mind more realistic destruction in general, I’m not sure whether or not DICE will include it in future iterations. It’s a computationally expensive task to do mesh destruction and ragdolls on multiple entities in a multi-player setting, although (as I’m sure they have) with improvements to Frostbite, maybe there will be more realistic destruction in titles such as the upcoming Battlefield 5.


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