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Crysis- Paradise Lost

“Whatever it is, I’m right in the eye of a storm.” -Nomad

Nomad manages to escape, but the structure creates a massive sphere of energy that freezes everything outside to -129°C. Once outside, Nomad is attacked by various alien machines before finding Prophet. Prophet was able to engineer a weapon using the aliens’ technology, the Molecular Accelerator (MOAC). Prophet’s Nanosuit malfunctions, requiring him to frequently stop and recharge using heat sources, such as the burning wrecks of military vehicles. The two eventually exit the energy sphere upon reaching a bridge.

  • It’s nice to be back outside, although this new world is a snowy, icy level that I first traversed back in March 2010. Near the end of the term back then, a snowstorm in unusually warm conditions created a large amount of slush that weighed down the transmission lines and knocked out power to my neighborhood. That evening, I was finishing up an assignment for discreet mathematics as the power went out, forcing me to use a flashlight to complete said assignment.

  • I managed to do alright on the assignment despite making a few mistakes: I never got around to reviewing the assignment because the lack of lighting made it somewhat difficult. However, the next day was a Friday, and I opted to take the evening off to play this mission. It was still cold out there, and so, I was getting quite cold while playing through Paradise Lost.

  • Nomad will encounter the alien troopers now: they are more resilient than their unarmoured forms and will take two shotgun shells to take down, whereupon they will explode violently. Because of the proximity the aliens will engage the player in, a shotgun with a laser sight is all that is necessary to take them down.

  • The Molecular Accelerator (MOAC) extracts water vapor from the surrounding air, freezes it, and then fires the resultant shards of ice. Prophet was able to modify this weapon on the battlefield to be human compatible, appearing to use the carrying handles of the Hurricane Minigun.

  • Paradise Lost is an epic poem written by John Milton. Published in 1667, it was a recollection of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, their seduction by Satan and subsequent expulsion from the Garden. It is alluded to in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. Frankenstein’s creature compares his existence to that of Adam’s. At the time of writing, I have completed two different courses where Frankenstein was discussed: as a Gothic horror, the story warns of the dangers associated with pursuing forbidden knowledge.

  • I could probably argue that the “forbidden knowledge” in Crysis is Prophet’s fascination with the alien beings and their technology: it was noted that it would take several weeks for the USS Constitution’s scientists to reverse engineer the MOAC, and Prophet’s subsequent return to Lingshan for unknown reasons.

  • I personally find the MOAC to be less effective in the campaign; despite having unlimited ammunition, a high rate of fire and a reduced spin-up time compared to the minigun, the ice projectiles have a short range, and the weapon cannot be fired down the sights, reducing its accuracy. For most of this mission, I stick to the shotgun, although I do keep the MOAC around for its unlimited ammunition.

  • Prophet’s suit begins to malfunction; he must be escorted to sources of warmth (specifically, the burning vehicle wreckages). Players may opt to find missile launchers scattered around the map, although taking down the alien exosuits won’t do much good, as a new one will spawn.

  • There’s a song on the soundtrack titled “Prophet’s Bridge”: the music probably refers to this part of the game, although I’m not too sure about the track’s naming, since the bridge itself marks the end to the level.

  • Crossing this bridge will end the mission, concluding the only mission to be set inside the alien’s energy sphere and setting the stage for the final acts to Crysis. As with Bad Company 2, I will try to get the remainder of the missions done before the Autumn Equinox: I have an ambitious project in mind concerning Sora no Woto after these gaming posts are over.

The tropical paradise gives way to a frigid wasteland after the aliens project their energy sphere, covering everything in a thin layer of ice and causing it to precipitate ice crystals over the island. The aliens have now replaced the KPA as the primary antagonist (in supplementary materials, the KPA and US forces fight together); the alien troopers and scouts are quite resilient, so I chose to stick with the shotgun for much of the first half of the mission, sneaking around larger groups with cloak where required. All over the island, there is no better evidence of just how cold things are than seeing the remains of KPA and US forces frozen solid: I was playing this in late June, when things were quite warm. Paradise Lost managed to evoke the chills in me, and bought back memories of when I first played this back in March 2010, during the winter season when I was supposed to be studying the proof by induction concept. As mentioned previously, it’s an entirely different experience to play Crysis on a capable machine, but there is also something to be said about gaming during the summer, where there are no assignments or exams on the horizon. Games in general take on a more casual approach, even as I’m fighting through alien hordes to get Prophet to a heat source.

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